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We take you on a road-trip around Monaco to amaze you with the secrets that the the micro-state of the French Riviera hides for the locals to enjoy

Words: Emily Georgieva

21 September 2019

Monaco is about more than just the Formula One Grand Prix motor race. It is a place designed to celebrate splendour and this is easy to see. From the Salle Garner opera house to the luxury hotels and the up-and-coming restaurants, led by professional chefs, Monaco has a vibrant attitude.

The world's second smallest country attracts visitors with so much spread across such small territory. You can get from Nice to Monaco in no time. The country is so small, you can see all of it in a day.

Monaco is home of the Oceanographic Museum where you can start your adventure. Over 6 000 specimens of natural marine habitat are displayed in the museum. There are more than 90 tanks inside, and you can even stroke a shark if you are feeling particularly brave. It is located on the Monaco-Ville together with the Prince's palace.


Walk along Circuit of Monaco. It is the location where the Grand Prix is annually held so it is an equivalent of walking along the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California. It is a good hour walk because of the turns and corners, but it is where history happens each year.

If you make your way to the port if you are not there during high season, you will get to enjoy the view of thousands of boats and spacious yachts. It is a good spot to see one of the numerous faces of the state-city. The atmosphere there, as well as across the rest of the country, is very French with feels of the Mediterranean.  You can sunbathe in the Larvotto Beach almost all year round as the sun shows even in the winter months and the climate is quite gentle compared with the rest of Europe. It is a small, seaside place, where you can be part of the locals' everyday life. The poverty rates are the lowest ones in the whole world as there is zero percent unemployment.  

When the night approaches, falling over Côte d’Azur, it is time to see Monaco's true identity. The nightlife is the daytime in Monaco. There is just so much to do. In our opinion, it is a place created for people, who life for the nights. You can stay up until the sun comes up and not even realise it. The place comes alive at nightfall and it never really goes to sleep at all. 



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