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Chocolate and avocado originate from Mexico, which, in its own right, is a good enough reason to visit. Officially called the United Mexican State, the country is the eleventh most populated country in the world. The history of Mexico can be traced to the times of the first civilisation, known as the Olmec, and it gives examples of the contact between indigenous civilisations of Mesoamerica and Europeans. In 1821 Mexico became independent from Spain, making the nation-state 200 years old.

The culture is strongly represented through the people, who still celebrate century-old traditions. The complexity of the indigenous civilisations who have walked those lands more than 13 000 years ago vouches for the cultural transitions that the locals and the country have gone through. Well-known for the traditional clothing and the tequila made from agave cactus, Mexico is an easy to fall in love with country that deserves the attention of every traveller.


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