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Travels to India provoke some food for thought. Our travels towards the South Asian country made us stop to appreciate the small things, pay attention to details and learn some new words

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Thomas Young

20 April 2019

I stumbled upon this woman praying on this outlook over looking the holy river in Varanasi. The cool breeze was making the linens hanging from the bamboo swing back and forth. Their was a quiet peace in the air. Everyone from my group had moved on but I decided to stay an observe for a minute or two trying to soak in the emotions and environment. -Thomas Young

When taking a picture of a place, it seals the moment forever. It is like tracing the footsteps of those, who have built the buildings and telling the story of the people living in them. A picture can hold so much - from visual representation of a place, to memories and personal implications. Travelling inspires the team of NOMADSofORIGIN to stay curious about others, about discovering cultures and exploring different locations. 


However, we are aware that travelling can be experienced in different ways and not everybody has the means or is presented with the opportunities to do so. We believe that travelling enriches the soul and want to include all of you in our journey. This is why, through this article, we would like to ask you to stop for a second - stop thinking too much, stop worrying, stop planning where you would like to go next.

We want to invite you to appreciate the small things, to pay attention to the details, to see a place for more than what it represents, look at a picture, searching for its meaning beyond what it shows. Sometimes the only way to understand a place and take a piece of it with you is to stop looking for how others show it and see it from another perspective. The image above represents a tiny part of India, portrait through its peaceful search for awareness and mindfulness. It represents a connection between individuals and nature.

And speaking of establishing a connection, we want to introduce you to a word so simple in its significance, yet incredibly satisfying for the soul. 'Sthapana' is a word in Hindi, which does not have a direct translation to any word in the English language. To let you know what it means, we need to make you think of your family members and friends, people that you love being around. As the word technically means 'foundation', it doesn't exactly relate to people, but it can be understood in a sense of laying a foundation of a relationship between people. It is a word used to describe the beginning of something beautiful - think of the first time you talked to your best friend when you just started getting close to each other or the beginning of your relationship with your partner, the first time you held your children in your arms... The word for this in Hindi is sthapana. It is incredible thinking how big of a meaning the small and simple things hold within.



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