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Exclusive interview on the Italian guest house, where you will wish to spend your whole summer – as part of NOMADSofORIGIN’s first print issue, the LAND issue

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Masseria Moroseta

08 May 2019

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“A soul made up of tradition… Wrapped up by a glorious landscape”...

...this is what you’ll find if you step into the embrace of Masseria Moroseta. The modern guesthouse is designed with simplicity, yet impeccable taste for an opportunity to experience a stay like no other. If you are wondering what the inspiration behind the house was, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that it was Italy itself. In many ways, the guesthouse represents the country. It is elegant, gorgeous and means something special to each guest. When the idea for the guesthouse was born, the land where the house now stands on was just another place where the sun was shining brightly throughout the long summer months and the winds of the winter were scattering the sea breeze above the olive groves. Then a man and his passion to connect people to one another, the nature of Italy and the land turned a dream into a house that feels like a glimpse of paradise on Earth.

Carlo Lanzini had a very clear vision of how he wanted the house to be designed. He wanted to create a space that reflects the region that it was going to be surrounded by. This meant that he intended to use the means of the surrounding to the best of his abilities and incorporate that into the functionality of the house. Located close to ‘The White City’, Ostuni, famous for its wine and olive oil produce, the guesthouse is in close distance to the mesmerizing local coastline and some of the most beautiful beaches of Puglia. The house itself stands midst five hectares of olive groves. Carlo wanted to build a house that looks peaceful among them, a place that looks almost as if it hadn’t been built by people but was rather constructed by nature itself. The concept was clear – a space designed for likely-minded individuals, who could experience the charm of Italy, enjoy their private corner of the house and connect the rest of the guests whenever they wanted to.

The idea was there, now it needed to turn it into reality. When Carlo met Andrew Trotter, he knew he had found the right guy for the job. Andrew had spent four years studying architecture in Australia between 1990 and 1994. Upon finishing his education, he returned to the United Kingdom and spent some years working in London and other places across Europe getting involved in the design and fashion industry. He had worked for Alessi and Russell Jones, as well as Michiko Koshino and Bless to name a few. When he was given the Masseria Moroseta project he had the opportunity to put his creativity into crafting something that in a way reflects a whole culture.

Andrew understood Carlo’s vision and wanted to get involved in the project. Over the course of three years, he perfected every little detail so that the finished result could fit the version that Carlo had in mind. He wanted to make sure that the house reflected the Pugliese traditions and continued the Italian culture in an authentic, but at the same time unique way. Both, Carlo and Andrew wanted to use only local materials to create a modern building with simplistic architecture and a minimalistic feel. When the final touches were done, the guesthouse was exactly what both of them had been planning.


The materials used to build the house are local to cut down the costs of transportation. Every detail of the house was carefully considered, taking care of how it would influence the environment. Nature plays a vital role in the functionality of Masseria Moroseta. The walls of the façade were recycled from the land. The one-meter-thick walls are made with eco-friendly installation. Apart from the energy saving installation, the owners fit solar power panels within the rooms and communal spaces for a positive environmental impact and natural energy sourcing. The recycle installation helps maintain the indoor temperature. This means that the air conditioning is rarely used in the summer months while during colder periods, the house manages to stay naturally warm. The water in the house is also supplied locally from the organic farm surrounding the land.

The house is designed to fit the needs of modern-day travellers. Depending on why you have chosen to visit Italy, in Masseria Moroseta you will probably find just the room you were looking for. The walls and cooling stone floors match the shades of the linen bedding. The bigger rooms have a capacity to fit three adults and children so that families, travelling with children, can still enjoy a stay in the relaxing atmosphere of the guest house. Each room is equipped with a king-size bed and a private shower. For comfort and privacy, there is a double shower in the bigger rooms and additional floor space as well so that you can fit everything you’ve brought with you and make the room feel like home. Suite 3 and 4 are the biggest ones, 45 square meters long, furnished with sofas for ultimate comfort.



From the moment you arrive to the second you leave, the house will be everything you were hoping to find in Italy. As you head to the main entrance, you wouldn’t necessarily know what to expect. The exterior doesn’t give much clues about what the interior looks like, but once inside, you will need a moment to take the view in. There are six bedrooms in total – three rooms on each side of the courtyard. Half of the rooms have private terraces that overlook the green fields, while a stay in the rest of the rooms means that you can enjoy your morning coffee at your very own private garden. You can either let the staircase lead you to the rooftop, or you can head to the living room where the window walls reveal the olive trees in the short distance and the view of the sea shining in the horizon. The salon and the veranda were designed as common spaces for all guests to enjoy. Both share an incredible view of the seaside and the coastlines of the Puglia area. Like the rest of the house, the design revolves around simple tones while leaving a sense of elegant and minimalism.

‘‘A modern country house, an elegant yet familiar environment a place created for those seeking a peaceful atmosphere between nature, good food and beauty.’’


Masseria Moroseta's team for NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine


Masseria Moroseta was built in the embrace of five hectares of olive groves, surrounded by a blossoming tree garden. Guests will find themselves in the company of magnificent trees, some of which have been growing for over 500 years. The outside gardens and even the olive groves that seem to last for miles, match one another in perfect harmony and complete the house.

Cooking is taken seriously at Masseria Moroseta. The hosts use either homegrown food, or shop from local markets, farmers and producers. Contemporary recipes have been gathered from around the world, enriched with Apulian agricultural traditions and brought to your table. Chefs prepare their very own extra virgin olive oil, called ‘Vecchia scuola’ from the olive groves nearby to grace the dishes with a fruitful, true Italian taste. The fresh organic herbs and the sustainably grown ingredients construct the consistent taste of every meal. Just thinking that your food comes from the house’s backyard makes it taste so much more incredible.

During your stay, you can take a cooking class and learn how to prepare meals like the locals. The chefs will show you how to make the most out of the local ingredients so you can always carry a piece of Italy with you and share its charm with your friends and family back home. There is a selection of yoga classes and even wellness corner so that you can stay in shape. 

The house is open for bookings all-year-round so hurry up – check out the room types and give them a call. It is our recommendation for a stay that will make you feel like you have connected to nature, the culture of Italy and mostly be able to befriend some of the locals. If you are looking for an authentic experience under the warm Ostuni sun and want to travel consciously contributing to the environment, the Masseria Moroseta should be the next stop on your list. Connect to the guest house and the team behind it online. Follow their Instagram and Facebook page for regular updates.

Masseria Moroseta x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Masseria Moroseta x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Masseria Moroseta x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine



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