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We made a list of the must-see places across Australia to make sure you can get to know the land as good as you know the palm of your hand

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Jakob Owens

26 February 2019

We kick off with some nature wonders. The rain forests from far North Queensland, stretching all the way to Tasmania are like a different kind of eco-system, a jungle, worth exploring. The Karlu Karly, Devils Marbles don't even need introducing. You can go and even camp on the desert floor. You will have a front row view of the stars and a great peaceful night experience, different from anything you will find in the city.

Springs is the place to see crocodiles. It is a place where wildness is taking over and considering wildness is one of Australia's greatest characteristics, a trip there is worth your while. Visit the Elephant Cove in William Bay National Park. And while you are there, you can take advantage of the snorkeling that is popular in the area. The coastal city of Albany has a range of newly opened restaurants with innovative approach and welcoming atmosphere. There is a dozen of open-bars to choose from and it is the ideal spot if you are after chasing up the nightlife.

Melbourne is all about art. Artists go there to create, people go there to get inspired. Melbourne is also a coffee-loving city. If you have been to Australia or have friends there, you will understand the coffee obsession. Sydney is about the beaches and the endless life of partying, staying up all night and sharing experiences with friends. The city of Adelaide is festive and cultural. Some of the country's celebrations are held there and just like the heart of Australia, Adelaide is always pumping with life. Its cosmopolitan, its coastal, its everything you need.

In case you have had enough of the business of the cities and want to get away, any of the 74 Whitsunday Islands will do the trick. Beautiful beaches wait for you in a hidden from the rest of the world paradise. 

And to finish off, there is The Great Barrier Reef, where you can swim around the corals with the fishes. It is the world's largest coral reef, which makes it the largest living thing on Earth. Now, how about being part of that?

Have you discovered and cool, hidden places around Australia? Share them with the rest of our nomads. Write to us and tell us about your Australian adventures. We will be happy to hear from you. For more information, visit our contact page.



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