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Magdebu- ORIGIN Magazineg, Germany

A guide through Magdeburg takes you on a different trip around Germany

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Pavel Nekoranec

27 August 2019

Much like Berlin, Madenburg was almost completely bombed to the ground in World War II. There were only ruins left above the ground. Today the Saxony-Anhalt's capital and one of the oldest cities in Germany looks very differently.

History has influenced Magdeburg in many ways. Founded 1 200 years ago, the city is beautiful for its spacious boulevards, the Gothic architecture of the Bell Tower of Magdeburg Cathedral and the concrete apartment buildings, called 'plattenbauten' by the locals.

People like staying out late on the weekends to have a drink at the beach bars, spend a day at the open gardens or cycle down the river Elbe. Hegelstraße and Hasselbachplatz could probably be considered as the busiest places in the city. Being the heart of it, they have a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, but if you want to get to know the Magdeburg from another perspective, you should visit the Rotehorn Park. It has been built by English design in a way that it lies in the middle of Elbe river and it is also known to be the largest park. 

Speaking of views, we have also discovered the place with the best view in all of Magdeburg. The Swing with the view should be a definite stop in every traveller's journey across Germany. The swing itself is big enough to fit several people, but this is not its best characteristic. It is positioned along the river, overlooking the city's cathedral. It is the ideal spot to finish exploring the borders of this historic little city.



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