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A Local's Guide to Budapest l NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
A Local's Guide to Budapest l NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

In a conversation with Rebeka, she shares her local's insights about the trendiest bars and restaurants to visit in Budapest, how to explore the art scene and where to find the best bakeries in the city

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Klara Kulikova, Tomas Jasovsky, Kevin Jackson, Zoran Borojevic

08 April 2021


Budapest is one of the trendiest destinations in Europe. Designer-looking speciality cafés meet fine-dining restaurants; buildings with traditional exterior share space with façades with a modern twist. The Hungarian capital city is more than what meets the eye. It has a diverse scene for young people, and it is also the ideal destination for travellers who are in need of a relaxing city break. Head to a rooftop bar to grab a drink with friends or plan a day at the thermal baths, which have been attracting attention from travellers and locals for over a century.

Situated between Eastern and Western Europe, Budapest reflects this connection when it comes to traditions, culture and cuisine. The local food will have you want to learn how to prepare traditional dishes so you can share them with your friends and family at home. Each desert or pastry you try is simply better than the last. The city is designed for travel lovers as the more you walk, the more you will learn about the past and present of this European destination. Castle Hill (District 1) is directly next to the Danube River where you can also pay a visit to the Buda Castle, if you want to explore the architecture of the area. To discover the must-see places, head to the old Jewish Quarter (District 7) where you will be surrounded by the lively dining scene of bars, restaurants and coffee shops.

NOMADSofORIGIN's editor-in-chief caught up with Rebeka Banu, a friend from Budapest, who told us about the best spots to dine out and grab a drink with friends, as well as the must-visit bakeries travellers should know about. This is our insider guide designed to help you experience the capital city of Hungary like a true local.

NOMADSofORIGIN: What are your favourite coffee shops in Budapest?

Rebeka: Espresso Embassy






Cafe Hygge

Massolit Books and Cafe

NOMADSofORIGIN: What about bakeries/restaurants?
Freya Croissantery

Chez Dodo




Pad Thai

A la Maison

26 Budapest

Budapest Bagel



NOMADSofORIGIN: What are the top three things we shouldn't forget to pack for a trip to the city?
Rebeka: 1. Camera.

2. If it's spring or autumn, bring an umbrella (sudden and quick showers). If it's summer, bring a water bottle, sunglasses and a hat (extremely hot weather).

3. Comfy shoes.

NOMADSofORIGIN: What is a must-try Hungarian dish?
Rebeka: Lángos





Anything with cottage cheese.

NOMADSofORIGIN: Can you teach our readers an interesting phrase in Hungarian that would come in handy when visiting?

Rebeka: Köszönöm! (Thank you).

Jó napot! (Good day to you).

NOMADSofORIGIN: What are your tips for making the most out of a trip to Budapest?
Just get lost and don’t be scared to wander around and go to small local shops, antique shops, cafes, museums. Use trams instead of metro when you can because you can see the city without walking. Ask for directions from young people, old people don’t speak English there. Taxis are very expensive compared to public transport. Try not to eat or shop right next to tourist spots, they are very likely to scam you and charge you extra.

NOMADSofORIGIN: What under-the-radar destinations sustainable travellers should know about?
 Outdoor pubs along the Danube and rooftop bars are just as atmospheric like overpriced ruin bars. Thrift shops and antique markets are awesome and all scattered around the city. Humana is my absolute favourite where they do sales all the time as well (everything is around £2 close to the end of the month).

NOMADSofORIGIN: What are the best locations across the city to explore art and local culture?
 Ludwig Modern Museum

National Gallery

Fine Art Museum

House of Terror


Jewish Quarter

NOMADSofORIGIN: What do you miss most about the city?
 Sziget festival, speciality coffee shops everywhere, bakeries, public transport, architecture, the seasons, the Danube and exploring with my friends.

NOMADSofORIGIN: How would you sum up Budapest in a sentence?
Rebeka: Budapest is a rewarding experience in every season while being very affordable and charming.



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