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Head on an adventurous journey past old Cypriot villages, around steep mountain tracks, through a narrow cave and reach the nature gem that is the Kremitoti Waterfalls

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Martin Balle

24 August 2020

NOMADSofORIGIN takes you on a journey to one of the most recently discovered natural monuments in Cyprus. The Kremitoti Waterfalls are well hidden from sight and were only found within the past couple of years. The beauty of this mighty view does not fail to charm visitors. Amidst an island that suffers from severe drought throughout the entire year, Cypriots remain surprised by how naturally ‘green’ and beautiful this location is. Yet, like any other place worth visiting, even if you know the route, this destination remains quite difficult to get to.

The village of Kritou Terra in Paphos is a beautiful location on its own. It is filled with narrow streets and alleys surrounded by small houses, made out of white stones. The locals are a small community where everyone knows each other and greets visitors with big smiles and a warm ‘Kαλή μέρα’. Driving through Kritou Terra reveals not only the charismatic atmosphere of the traditional Cypriot village. It also takes you up the mountains revealing a gorgeous scenery of mountain hills and bird-eye views of the surrounding cities.

Many – and we mean many – turns will lead you to a small pull out area and the end of the road for an adventurer with a vehicle. This would be the beginning of a 1,5 km hike with such narrow and steep trails that at certain points you will literally be walking at the very edge of the mountain hills. Ropes stretch at the most dangerous areas for visitors to hold on to or use to climb up the track. If you are ever lucky enough to visit, your surroundings will not cease to amaze you. Mighty mountains surround the area standing tall above the little forests down the hills. The rocks on the side of the mountains will only become bigger leaving less and less space for the hiking tracks. But the experience is unlike any other.

At the end of the track a small pond with a small amount of falling water reveals a little cave you would have to cross to get on the other side of the waterfall. The story of how the Kremitoti Waterfalls were found tells about the adventurous mission of one of the residents of the Kritou Terra village. He lived in the 1930s and due to the drought was in desperate need to water his fields. One of the four watermills moved by the falls would be perfect but in order to succeed, the man had to carve a hole in the rock. As the years passed by the stalactites and stalagmites grew and made the cave way smaller and harder to go through. Yet, at the other side of the cave some water will be falling straight on top of you as you enter a small podium that reveals the idyllic beauty of the green land surrounding the falling water of Kremitoti.



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