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This Sub-African paradise has a wild soul and unpredictable charm. A truly rural ping Africa to its core, Kenya is a unique place. Named after the tallest mountain in the country, Mt Kenya (5,199 metres, 17,057 feet), the place has a lot of character. For many reasons it wasn't considered a typical travelling destination. Nowadays, we can find more than enough reasons to head to the dusty roads of the African continent.

Located on the equator, Kenya graces the continent with huge wild territories that belong to lions, zebras and elephants. At night, the sky reveals a sight of constellations and galaxies; during daytime, the sun shines over the wildlife reserves and national parks, making the country a warm paradise. If you are planning to visit, you'll need to know Swahili or English to get by, although there are dozen other dialects and languages people speak in different areas of the country. Connecting to the Kenyan experience is often a natural process because the more you learn about the country, the more you become drawn to it. Walk the dusty roads, experience a safari in the wild and learn how to prepare ugali, sukuma wiki, and nyama choma, which are the country's traditional dishes. Kenya is undoubtedly the place to be while in Africa and we cannot get enough of its rural beauty.


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