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NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l Israel Itinerary
NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l Israel Itinerary

Israel is comfortably chaotic, beautifully thriving and incredibly diverse. This is our itinerary covering all the things that should be on your radar

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Jasmin Chew, Dave Herring, Christina Chauskina, Amith Titus, Yoav Aziz, Chen Mizrach, Ivana Cajina

20 November 2020


You've made it to Israel and now you can't wait to make the most of your visit. We understand how you feel. With so much diversity, rich history and incredible culture, it can be difficult to explore most aspects of the country, especially if you are short of time. We made an itinerary ideal for all types of travellers heading to Israel.


Regardless of whether you have a week to spend in the country on a business trip, if you are planning a relaxing stay in Tel Aviv or an enlightenment journey to Jerusalem, we've got a list of things you can do in Israel that will help you experience the country to the fullest.

Old City in Jerusalem

Hundreds of thousands of years history in one place - welcome to the Old City. This place should be on the bucket list of every traveller who is passionate to make their way to Israel. Spend the day with a tour guide to learn the history in more depth or explore the magnificent site on your own. Whatever you decide, you will learn something from the place. Whilst you are there, why not head to the Underground city and trace the Jewish sites below the streets? 



Travellers can choose to visit the fortress either by cable car or the snake path. Located near the Dead Sea, this monument is a must-see, especially during sunset.


The Dead Sea

Whenever we think of Israel, Dead Sea definitely comes to mind. This incredible place is as if it had materialised out of a fairytale. If you have had enough fun at the Tel Aviv and the Caesarea Aqueduct Beach, head to the region where the Dead Sea is located and relax whilst floating on the surface of the healing water. 


Surf, swim and snorkel

Catch some vitamin D and enjoy all that the seaside offers you. Relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sunshine is not the only way to remember the beaches of Israel. If you are an adventure enthusiast, why not plan a surf lesson or snorkeling experience? 


Bahai Gardens

If you are headed up North, a stop at the Gardens should be your number one priority. The Bahai Gardens are gorgeous to say the least and being there will feel like you have ended up in a cozy tucked-away part of the country. As if this wasn't enough to convince you to go, the Gardens overlook the sea so the view will be equally stunning.


Rosh Hanikra

Located in a close proximity to the Lebanon border, Rosh Hanikra is the perfect way to start your journey of North Israel. The abstract geological formation is a representation of the beautiful nature. 


Safari Park

Plan a day at the Safari Park Ramat Gan. It is a good balance between the modern and the rural aspects of Israel. A home to the most extensive range of animals in the Middle East, the park is an unforgettable experience, different than the attractions the cities provide.

The Dolphin Reef

Have you alway dreamt of swimming with the dolphins? You can do it here. The reef is extraordinary and you'll have the chance to see some of the most incredible sea mammals. Sign us up! 


Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Spark your artistic curiosity by heading to Tel Aviv Museum of Art. With regular exhibitions, there will be something new to see each time you visit. 


Design Museum Holon

A definite stop for lovers or architecture, the museum is a home to innovative designs and modern features that will inspire you as much as awe you. Spend a couple of hours there if you have the time. 


Make a stop at the Shuks

To make sure you have made the most of Israel, make sure to head to the markets in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They can be intimidating hectic during Saturday so our tip is to arrive there early on Friday morning. 


Urban Tours

Tel Aviv is a modern gem and as one art and culture are everywhere. Why not book an Urban Tour of the 'White City'? Wander from the iconic Bauhaus buildings to the smaller neighborhoods where the street art scene adds a funky vibe to the city. 


A trip to Petra

You have finally explored all the things you wanted to do and learn more about in Israel. Don't worry, the adventure doesn't have to stop here. From Tel Aviv you can book between one and three days experience heading to Wadi Rum or Petra. To make the trip even more authentic, you will have the opportunity to sleep in a Bedouin tent. 



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