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Known to locals as the 'The Holy Land', Israel is a chaotically diverse country and it is a representation of everything you have ever dreamt an Asian country would be. From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv the cultural mosaic of the place is incredible. Each place you visit, be it a busy city or a smaller village, will teach you something different and put the country into a new perspective.

Ride a camel across the deserts, swim in the healing waters of The Dead Sea or go to a safari park - the landscape is mesmerizing and provides an opportunity for nomads to truly connect to the area. A religious ground and a melting pot of cultures, Israel should be on every traveller's bucket list. Spend the day at the Bahai Gardens, swim at the Dolphin Reef or shop at the Shuks. Israel is a fascinatingly traditional place, yet the modern twist is tangible and will make you want to come back for more.


NOMADSofORIGIN is an independent annual publication with a focus on sustainable travelling and global cultural values. Each issue features interviews, engaging articles and photo guides, which take our nomadic readers through different destinations and introduce them to local people's perspectives.



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