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Bolivia has it all when it comes to adrenaline. From high to lows, this country is paradise for the adrenaline junkies and we explored all of the things you can do there that can make you heart start racing wildly

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Roberto Nickson, Sonnie Hiles, Eberhard Grossagasteiger

20 February 2019

Bolivia seems to be designed for the lovers of speed, heights, dares and depths. No matter what your heart desires, you can find it there. The diverse terrain provides landscape conditions that can challenge even the bravest ones among us. 

Some of the territory is covered in jungles and lowlands, ideal conditions to explore the nature wonders or, even better, let nature provoke you. If you are not afraid of heights, you can zip-line over the jungle of the Amazon near Rurrenabaque. A beautiful scenery will unravel in front of you as you fly over the land of adventures. With the jungle underneath you and just the air around you, you'll feel like there is nothing in the world that can scare you off. The zip-lines positioned 350 m above the ground are open to everyone who want to give it a go. But be prepared for an experience that can feel as fast as the speed of sound is. You will be flying over the jungle as the speed of this adventure can reach up to almost 90 km an hour.

Then there is the Vertical Route. It is located close to La Paz, which is approximately two hours away from The Tibetan Bridge. The bridge itself is quite a construction. It is 30 meters long and it is made from three thin wires, which are the only thing keeping it steady in the air. If you are not a fan of bridges, there are plenty of cliffs that you can free jump from to experience some adventures in the sky.

There are other ways we can recommend if you want to get the blood pumping in your veins and you will surely need it for our next suggestion. The Conodoriri Massif has an impressive total of 13 iced-capped peaks. The Royal Range of the Andes has so many frozen snow trails. You can go ice climbing there if you have the right equipment and are trained for the mission. Now, climbing the mountain peaks is one thing, but making your way up towards picks, climbing frozen snow is something else and an experience you won't be able to get from many more places.

Climbing glaciers and waterfalls is an unbelievable mountainous opportunity, but sometimes bringing the city to the adventure is what scares people more as nature can be easy to feel in harmony with. You can rap jump in La Paz from a building. Standing face down from what can be 50 meters above solid ground is not for everybody, but those who do it, end up enjoying it quite a lot. Imagine standing on top of a building and falling face down towards the sidewalks and streets awaiting you at the bottom... Don't worry, if you forget to stop, a skilful team of trained people will pull the strings of your equipment to keep you safe and sound. The rush of adrenaline when rap jumping cannot be put into words.

From up in the mountains, the land can look very far away, but there is so much more to explore on the ground if you want to feel adrenaline. Paddling over the salt flats is one suggestion. Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest salt flat is very visually appealing. It is a cactus land and you can spend days track walking there, exploring the land and enjoying the scenery. Once a lake, it dried up entirely, leaving traces and bright-white rock formations from prehistoric times. It is rare, because of its structure and unique ecosystem, but it is not the only place with an interesting terrain.


There are plenty of rock formations, salt hotels and active volcanoes around Bolivia. It is known to hold another record as it is referred to as being the world's driest dessert. In some of the lagoons you can even see exotic pink flamingos feeling at home. But if you want to explore what extreme means when you are steadily stood on the ground, you should check out doing sandboarding in the Lomas de Arena Regional Park. It is the sand-boarding capital of South America and there is no wonder why. Some of the sand dunes are 12-meter-high and are no help if you are trying to learn to sand-board, standing up and sitting down as you ride along. Around you, the tropical scenery will satisfy your sense of wonder as there will be a lot of wildlife and beautiful birds to see.

Another thing that you can take a friend to so that they can come along for the ride is rapids. In Bolivia, you can ride rapids that can vary from level I to level IV. Coroico River is very generous for this activity. Sometimes riding the rapist can last up to 38km in distance. The waters in Bolivia have a lot of surprises hidden in their depths. Pulling a catfish twice a human size from the from the possessions of the Amazon River is not something that hasn't happened.


Bolivia is very well-known for the Death Road, which you can cycle. It is a truly mesmerizing experience and very breath taking in many senses of the word. You can walk the Route starting from the peaks of La Cumbre Pass, all the way up to Yolosa. A lot of people visit the country for this reason only. The panorama that the deadly road reveals because of its high position is to die for! It is considered to be the world's most Dangerous Road and surely does its reputation justice. 

This beautiful South American country combines the mental with the physical. They blend together much like people become one with nature as they take up on those challenges. And what a better way to feel alive is there, than to feel a little rush of adrenaline while facing your fears and overcoming them?! There is no doubt in our minds that Bolivia is the place to be for this to happen.



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