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Hungary is a symbol of culture. It doesn’t matter if you appreciate street performers, like to listen to live music or go to the theatre, Hungary won’t disappoint. A great place to explore during the winter months as well as in the summer, the European gem is a cool one to stop by. Under the grace of the summer sun you can join locals and tourists alike and spend a day by Lake Balaton, often referred to as the Hungarian Sea because of its size or choose to waste an afternoon at the indoor natural hot springs, which have existed since Roman times.

The famous Harry Houdini was born in Hungary which is also the land of the 13 Nobel laureates. Paprika is of a great significance for the country having had two museums dedicated to the spice, which was once traded with communists for hard currencies. Under the ground level of the capital, 200 subterranean chambers make the world’s largest geothermal cave system, also referred to a natural underground labyrinth. Visiting Hungary is like losing yourself in a place where magic seems to exist, and you can never be bored of it.


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