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From experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen to discovering new music and gardening, our team shares what are their tips for staying grounded at home during the isolation

Words: The Editors

Photography: Content Pixie

21 April 2020


At uncertain times like this it is often easy to get bored and unmotivated. Regardless of whether you are experiencing this lock-down with your family or you are at home by yourself, self-isolation is daunting, nevertheless. Sometimes even though the thought of everyone in the whole world going through the same thing can be comforting, it doesn’t necessarily ease the process that much.

This is a historic time we’re living through and it is important to make the most of it as we possibly can. Our team gathered together over a phone conversation to share some ideas we’ve tried during those weeks of isolation that helped us stay grounded and humble. We encourage you to include the ones that sound good to you in your daily routine and see if this uplifts your spirit and motivates you to get out of bed each morning.



Tidy around.

Start each day by tidying your room and keep your house or flat organised throughout the rest of the day. Tidy house equals clear mind. Instead of leaving the coffee mugs in the sink to pile up and wash them later once you finished with your brunch, wash everything as soon as possible. It’s an easy trick that will make you feel like you’re achieving little things throughout the whole day.


Garden and grow plants.

If you have a garden, now is the time to pay attention to it. If you don’t, get yourself to the shop and buy some seeds you can easily plant and grow at home. Taking care of plants and maybe even plant vegetables and herbs, such as green beans and parsley, is a great way to bring some more positive energy into your home.


Water your plants.

Create a schedule of when each plant needs to be watered. If you’ve grown something during the quarantine, you’ve probably found that taking care of it gives you something to look forward to. Our editor-in-chief, Emily, planted radishes and basil and is happy to report that they are growing perfectly healthy indoors due to regular watering.



Have you got that one friend, who always talks about the yoga classes and meditation session they’ve started going to and how they changed their life? Maybe it’s time you gave it a go too. Clear some space at home and practice meditating each day. Start off by doing it for a smaller amount of time and increase it gradually. Trust us when we say that meditating in not overrated.



The only way to feel energized is to get your body moving. Schedule workout session and complete one each day. Once you get into a routine, you’ll love the way exercising makes you feel, and chances are you’ll carry on doing it even after the lock-down is over. There are plenty of free sessions and workout videos online so you can find your pace and style.


Pick up a new hobby.

Experiment with what you can do from home. Start sketching and drawing or take an online course for a skill you’ve always wanted to have more time to learn. There are numerous podcasts that will motivate you to have a go at any skill you’re interested in. Whether you want to learn the craft of picture editing, interior design tips or learn how to start your own successful blog, now is the time to dive into those possibilities and turn them from dreams to reality.


Try out new recipes.

Cooking is fun, but usually not everyone has the time to prepare homemade meals each day. Now is the time to experiment with new ingredients and try out recipes from different corners of the world. Our co-founder Aleksandra is jumping between Mexican, Italian and Thailand culinary styles. The dishes she managed to nail so far are avocado and sour cream chicken enchiladas and vegetarian pad tai. Yum!


Read more.

If you’ve finished going through our articles and reading other independent magazine content, make a list of the books you want to read and start making your way through it. There are small independent bookshops in every town that can benefit from your support. Find out which is your local bookshop and pay them a visit to find new reads and complete your book list.


Discover new music.

If you’ve got friends who are musicians and have released music, give it a listen. Discover new playlists that include music from independent artists and make your own playlists with the new songs you discover. Maybe you can go really old-school and create a playlist for each thing you do around the house – from exercising to cooking and gardening, made a different music combination.


Connect with others.

Staying home doesn’t mean you have to be completely alone. Give your friends a call to organise a trip somewhere once we’re allowed to travel again, check up on your grandma to exchange cooking recipes, call your best friend to talk about your favourite summer trip. Stay connected with your loved ones so you can make sure you distance yourself physically, but not emotionally. This is by far our team’s favourute tip.




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