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San Diego, United States

We created a list of some hot beaches you need to visit this summer. Grab the sunscreen, book your tickets and head for the ultimate summer relaxation experience

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Alex Perez

19 August 2019

Who doesn’t crave a little sun every now and then?! With the summer season almost about to end, we have some last-minute suggestions for beaches you must stop by. There is nothing better to do on a hot sunny day than lay on the fine sands of beautiful beaches with a cocktail or book in hand and the ocean singing its endless songs at the background… Talk about relaxation!

We created a list of some of the spots that should be on your radar this summer season. How many have you been to so far?

Antibes, France

If you are planning on making your way to France this year, make sure to check out Antibes. This gorgeous place is ideal for a day spent under the warmth of the sun! Get your beach towel and your sunscreen and get ready to experience life at its best. Situated between Cannes and Nice, this resort will give you the chance to get to know the area a bit better and familiarize yourself with the locals’ lifestyle. Although it is very touristy, the location of this beach makes it the perfect stop for those who are enthusiastic about rediscovering a place or learning more about France from a different perspective. Enjoy Antibes during the day and explore the surrounding area at night to get an authentic sense of France and its beach towns.

Desenzano del Garda, Italy

Enjoy the shores of northern Italy is this fascinating place. If you are looking for the ultimate summer experience, then you should definitely consider this destination. Between the villas with intriguing mosaic floors and the natural wonders of high calibre such as the largest lake in the country, no two days at Desenzano del Garda will ever be the same! It is true that the beauty of the beaches attracts a lot of attention from international travellers, but beaches such as La Spiaggia della Rivoltella and La Spiaggia d’Oro are worth paying a visit to.

Naples, United States

A bit further away from the European destinations, Naples is a stop that will cool you off. Pick between spending a whole day at the beach or explore what the area is famous for – from the fine dining and the good wine to getting familiar with the art scene and culture. It is a well-known tourist destination because it is affordable, and rumour has it a day spent at the beach there is a day well spent!

Cozumel, Mexico

Ah, Mexico! This place steals our hearts times and times again! For the ultimate vacation abroad, head to Cozumel as this is the place to be on a summer day in Mexico. Take your pick from the several beaches there. If white and soft sands are your kind of thing, then the atmosphere of this place will have you smiling all day long. We recommend checking out Playa Bonita as it is famous for being one of the most romantic beaches you can find this side of Mexico. For the lovers of different summer adventures, you can book a kayaking experience in Cozumel. This way you’ll get to experience what the town has to offer to the fullest.

San Diego, United States

A famous place, it almost doesn’t need to be introduced, but San Diego is where you should plan your holiday if you ever find yourself in the States during summertime. We recommend this place mainly because of its location. Although a beach holiday is always a good idea, San Diego has a lot more to offer. Whenever you get enough of those days sunbathing and listening to the sound of the ocean (if this is even possible), you can always explore the city. We recommend paying a visit to the local museums and stopping by the art galleries to get in touch with the cultural aspect of the place. San Diego is such an interesting place that a day at the beach combined with a late afternoon spent roaming around the long streets and little corners is the best way to see the city like a local.

Nice, France

Another European destination, we saved Nice as our last suggestion because it can be said that it is the desert of this list. Travelling to France means there is always something new to do and more to see because it is, after all, an ever-changing country! Nice is just like that – intriguing, upbeat, modern and full of energy. It is a great stop adored by many sun-chasers. It seems that no matter how many times you’ve been to the beaches in Nice, you always want to come back for more. And this tropical weather will have you in that Mediterranean mood in no time!



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