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NOMADSofORIGIN l Hand Luggage Only Affair
NOMADSofORIGIN l Hand Luggage Only Affair

If you’re heading on a small getaway venture, dive into our guide of city break packing essentials. These are our editors’ tips and suggestions on how to breeze through the travel hustle straight into your next city break adventure

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Khiet Tam, Patrick Hodskins

22 October 2020


We all need to hit pause on reality from time to time. NOMADSofORIGIN’s editors find that the best remedy for a work overload is a weekend getaway in a nearby destination. Europe is full of amazing cities to explore in cultural, artistic, architectural, gourmet and historic aspect. Whether you seek an adventurous wine-tasting trip to Spain with a friend, you plan a romantic getaway to Paris, or you are simply down for the cheapest mid-week travel option on Skycanner, these are the city break packing essentials.

Avoid the airport luggage hustles and breeze through a stress-free travel to your next weekend adventure with our guide on city break hacks and tips.


Best tip above all is PACK LIGHTLY. We can tell you from experience that less is more. A small hand luggage is more than you’ll need for a couple-days getaway into another city. While it’s easy to go head over heels with the thought of exploring a new destination, you’ll enjoy both your trip and your stay much more with a light baggage. We are suckers for carry-on luggage only. It will save you big on:

  • Time – without packing for ages or waiting for your bags at the airport you’ll have more time to explore;

  • Money – no check-in or oversized bag charges;

  • Effort – no running through airports and train stations with the weight of the world in your bags.



Another pro tip is to STEER CLEAR FROM STEREOTYPES. Portugal is not always sunny; Poland isn’t always cold. Simply check the forecast and pack accordingly, potentially adding a sweater just to be on the safe side. For most city breaks you will only need to pack two or three outfits depending on your stay, alongside your travel clothes, pyjama, a spare shirt or two and an option for a night out depending on your plans. Restrict your shoes to only one pair that’s stylish but comfortable enough to keep up with all the walking you’ll be doing. Alternatively, you can also pack a pair of elegant shoes for the evening.

Don’t forget WEATHER ESSENTIALS like hats, sunglasses and sunscreens – for sunny destinations; and scarves, gloves and moisturising skincare – for colder weather. Avoid taking too much tech since you’ll have little time to use it. Restrict your choice to only a phone, headphones, camera and chargers with a universal converter that will suit any destinations rather than buying different adaptors for each travel. A pro tip we use is to also PACK A TOTE BAG, which takes no space at all but you can take with you while you’re exploring to store the street essentials like REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE, sunglass cases and cameras.

Pay attention to the TRAVEL TOILETRY you need and sort out the ones you can live without for a day or two. Remember that with carry-on luggage only, there are restrictions on the liquids you may take. Listed below are the liquids limitations according to official UK government information on hand luggage restrictions at UK airports:


  • containers must hold no more than 100ml


Make sure to PACK TWO NIGHTS IN ADVANCE. This might seem a bit much but most low-cost airlines usually schedule their departures at inconveniently early times. In addition, low-budget airlines also depart from out-of-the-way airports that take longer to get to. Generally, on the day of your flight you’d most likely have to be up in the early hours of the morning to make it in time so packing the night before would save you plenty of stress and hassle. Finally, ensure you have all the TRAVEL DOCUMENTS you need, and you’re set to venture on that much-needed city break.

Small getaways like a weekend city break or a mid-week cheap escape to a nearby country are a great way to explore more places and cultures. You can visit the must-see locations off the high season in top tourist spots and map out other cities you wish to visit for longer in the future. Taking along a friend to escape to a different city with a language you don’t speak, streets you haven’t walked and people you don’t know, is a saving grace from the monotony of work and your home city.

Remember to travel ethical, stay curious and respect the cultural values of others. City breaks are a great way to learn about others; discover yourself.



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