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In the 18th century, Haiti, also known as St. Dominique, was called ‘The Pearl of the Antilles’. A French colony over three centuries ago, today Haiti is the third largest Caribbean country and a densely populated one as well. It is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean and ground plants have always been of importance to the locals. A producer of bananas, arabica coffee and sweet potatoes, the country’s population is struggling economically and can benefit from conscious tourism.


In the past due to its gold and practical location serving as a gateway to the Caribbean, once known as Hispaniola, the country was a favourite stop for pirates. By 1915, Haiti was ruled by more than 70 different dictators. During Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s second term as Haitian president Voodoo was established as an official state religion. There are so many more significant characteristics which define the diversity and progress that Haiti has gone through over time and reading about it is a good starting point to understand what the essence of Haiti is.


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