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The Australian continent is known for the long coastlines, the deserts and the complexly structured urbanisation. It is a place treated by many as a short-lasting escape, a paradise that they only need a one way ticket to. The sun seems to shine brighter, throwing golden shades over the beaches. The ocean seems to be every local's calling. Australia is an ideal escaping point from most worries

Words: Emily Georgieva

29 March 2019

As one of the world's most well urbanised countries, Australia has a lot to offer. For decades tourists have been headed that way to explore and live a life by the ocean. Often the land down under has been associated with a sense of freedom and an ideology of being carefree. The beached, the deserts and rocky landscapes, Australia has it all.

There is no doubt that the largest country in Oceania is beyond beautiful. Often Australia is treated as an escape from reality, a temporary home, a place where people to start their travelling adventures. And it is no wonder why some of them decide to eventually move there and officially make it their home.

It is easy to fall in love with a place where the summer seems to last longer, and surfing is the preferred way by many to spend their free time. The country together with the small islands that belong to it is a calling for many. The combination of diverse landmarks and emblematic biodiversity is a strong factor that determines the high number of visitors. More than 7 million people have migrated to Australia to settle down there since the 1940's. This makes the cultural mark in the country very complex and multi-layered. An estimated 3.3% of the population are of Aboriginal origin. Even though Aborigines were the first people to inhabit the continent, the cultural shift has made it impossible for them to be the dominant part of the population. An approximate of 649, 171 people identify themselves as being from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin. 



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