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Former Soviet republic, Georgia has a lot to offer. A stunning country, it is a must stop for the lovers of outdoor adventures. It is a visual paradise, an oasis on Earth. Georgia is a home of Black sea coast cities and Caucasus Mountain villages. If you like hiking stunning mountains and exploring mysterious caves on your holiday adventures, make sure to include this country in your bucket list.  The architecture in Tbilisi will leave you an awe, whilst the natural wonders of the outskirts will enhance your wanderlust even more.

In cultural aspect, Georgia is like no other place. Locals' traditions and lifestyle is intriguing to every faraway traveller. Bread making is a craft, art is a way of living, architecture is a gem. People enjoy the 'slow living' lifestyle. The capital's club scene is famous in Europe, the top-notch restaurants and choice of wine bars make the country a kaleidoscope of cultural magnificence. A colourful masterpiece, Georgia is a true treasure of the wild and a country that seems to capture the essence of whole empires within it.


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