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France is a global cultural destinations, rich in history and heritage. This is a small photo journal of the views from some of the hidden alleys spread across the territory of one of the five permanent members of the United Nations

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Roman Kraft, Daniel Tong. Daniel Roe, Cameron Barnes, Matthijs van Schuppen, Amy Leigh Barnard, Jean Carlo Emeru, Carissa Gan, Giuseppe Mondi, Nil Castellvi, Vitor Pinto, Stevie Ekkelkam, Robin Benzrihem

21 July 2019

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, France is the capital of romance.

The territory of the country extends between the Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel. The borders of France also reach the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, consisting of several islands in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the semi-presidential republic has a population of 67.25 million (by June 2018 reports).

During the Late Middle Ages France became a central power in Europe. The culture of the country only flourished during the Renaissance. Their political, military, artistic and cultural scenes were strengthened in the 17th century under the ruling of Louis XIV.  The following French Revolution that overthrew the absolute monarchy, the establishment and collapse of the First French Empire by Napoleon and many other factors highly influenced the whole of Europe. The government was strong, the participation of the country in World War I ended victorious. The French Fifth Republic got established in 1958 by Charles de Gaulle and to this day maintains close economic connections with nearly all French colonies that got independent in the 1960s. The global colonial Empire that France had become turned into the second largest in the world by the 20th century.

Today France is a leading destination, attracting over eighty million foreign visitors annually. The country's economy is in the high rankings on the global map in terms of nominal GDP and purchasing power. The French health care, education, human development and life expectancy dominate the high positions of international rankings. As a leading member of the European Union, the Eurozone, NATO and the World Trade Organisation, the country has got an official nuclear-weapon state and the vital power to veto. The great power of France is under no doubt as it is also featured in the Big 5 list of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

France has been on the global scene for science, philosophy and art for centuries. Rich in cultural values, history and heritage, it is no wonder the country captures the attention of so many visitors and global leaders worldwide. France is also the home of several World Heritage Sites under the protection of UNESCO. Yet, there are many fascinating aspects of the country. While some may visit the country for the ever-romanticised capital city of Paris others wish to experience the produce of the famous French wineries. Part of the travellers chose to visit in an attempt to learn more about some of the iconic French artists while others aim for a relaxing holiday around the beautiful beaches and natural scenery, but here NOMADSofORIGIN explores a different corner of France. Through the work of talented photographers, we take you on a tour across the streets and corners of the culturally diverse country. We show you the cosmopolitan centres of culture such as Paris and the small corners of other French cities where the locals walk daily surrounded by art and mesmerising architecture. Take a quick walk with us and see for yourself.



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