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Get the popcorn ready and make your way through this list of films that will inspire you to book your next European trip

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Lukas Geck

18 April 2020


While we don’t need much inspiration to get that travelling wanderlust, the cinematic industry offers plenty of reasons for wishing to book a trip to Europe. Whether you have just returned home or you are planning a future visit, these are some of the best Hollywood productions that bring an insight into some of the top European travel destinations.


Midnight in Paris is set in modern times when Owen Wilson’s character is somehow transported back to the 1920s at each midnight. Explore modern and ancient Paris as the nostalgic screenwriter travels back and forth between the everyday life of Hemingway and the trip he took with his fiancée's family.

Moulin Rouge tells the story of a poet, who falls for a beautiful courtesan (Nikole Kidman). While you may have already seen the story, the plot never gets old, and the setting brings back that wishful thinking of visiting Paris.

The Da Vinci Code sends Tom Hanks on a haunt to uncover the truth about the Holy Grail and potentially shake modern society. Follow his journey as he makes a stop at some of the world’s locations with greatest cultural significance.



Inglorious Basterds brings Brat Pitt’s looks to the big screen as a group of Jewish U.S. soldiers plots to assassinate Nazi leaders. While the plot is set in war times, it inspires our travels to Germany in search of how culture and humanity evolves over time.



Mamma Mia! is set on Greece’s colourful islands telling the story of a young woman, about to get married and trying to find her real father.

Troy is a classic tale set in Ancient Greece, an adaptation of Homer’s great epic.



P.S. I Love You will not only make you fall in love with those endlessly green Irish fields and hills. It will make you cry and rediscover romance as a young widow learns to move past the pain of her loss and starts a new life with the help of 10 messages left by her husband.



Under the Tuscan Sun immerses the audience with scenic views of one of Italy’s most beautiful spots as a writer impulsively buys a villa in Tuscany in an attempt to change her life.

Letters to Juliet takes you across Verona’s courtyards, where an American girl’s trip to Italy turns into a pursuit of romance and love.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade takes us on an adventure in pursuit of the Holy Grail alongside Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones as he embarks on a dangerous archaeological journey.

Eat Pray Love is a cinematic classic, taking us on a round-the-world journey alongside Julia Roberts in search of love and happiness.

The Godfather brings young Al Pacino to the big screen in this multi-generational saga of a Sicilian mob family at the centre of organised crime.

Roman Holiday brings us Audrey Hepburn, who portrays a bored princess that escapes her guardians to fall in love with an American newsman in Rome.


Schindler’s List is based on true events, telling the story of a greed German businessman-turned-humanitarian, who transforms his factory into a refuge for Jews amid the Nazi reign, saving the lives of about 1100 Jews.

The Pianist is an autobiographical adaptation of the heart breaking story of a Polish Jewish musician forced to live among the Warsaw ghetto, whose struggles to survive WWII let him to observe the city’s destruction.



Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a true dive into the art, music and cultural scene of Barcelona, as two friends set on a vacation to fall in love with the same seductive painter, whose eccentric artistic ex-wife is about to enter the picture.

Volver is another Penelope Cruz film that indulges viewers into the story of three generations of women going through difficult times and helping each other.



The Dairy of Anne Frank is the film adaptation of one of the greatest autobiographical pieces of literature in history. Learn the story of one of the best-known teenage Jewish girls – Anne Frank, who was forced into hiding alongside her family in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands.

Girl with a Pearl Earring brings Scarlett Johansson to the big screen as she portrays Johannes Vermeer’s maid, who became his talented assistant and the model of one of the most famous works of art in history.

Ocean’s Twelve is set in a few picturesque locations, but an emphasis is set on the beautiful Amsterdam, as Daniel Ocean recruits one more team member to pull off three European heists in the sequel to Ocean's 11.

James Bond is a series of films – and you will make no mistake whichever one you choose to watch – focusing on the complex missions of a secret agent, licensed to kill.
The Imitation Game tells the story of the English mathematical genius Alan Turing. In the middle of World War II he tries to crack the German Enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians.
Notting Hill is the 90’s classic that brings together Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts as the plot tells the life story of a simple bookshop owner, whose world changes when he meets a famous film star.
Love Actually became a worldwide sensation following the lives of eight different couples who deal with their love lives in various loosely interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England.



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