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We take you to the misty part of Denmark in this photo guide series, designed in admiration for the archipelago

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Annie Spratt

01 May 2019

The archipelago is located in the North Atlantic Ocean and this position helps make it quite a calm place. Visiting the Faroe Islands is a good reason to get away from the busy, ever-changing life in the city and get closer to a slower lifestyle and a culture worth admiring.

The 18 volcanic islands are positioned between Norway and Iceland. Photographers, explorers and adventurers are drawn to the islands because of their quiet charm and unpretentious beauty. Some areas are very limited in population and even the sheep outnumber the locals. Some places are livelier, but across the whole archipelago you get the sense of homeliness and warmth, despite the rainy weather.

It might be very true that the sky pretty much always looks angry and the must is not a rare thing to be surrounded by, but the locals have very warm hearts. The Faroe Islands are known for their hiking landscape, the green-rooftop houses and the system of tunnels running across the archipelago. 

Follow us to this island territory of Denmark through our photo guide. 



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