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It is known that more than 70% of the mountains in Africa were found in Ethiopia and it provides 86% of the Nile waters. The natural diversity there is beyond ant limits. The highlands and the unique terrains are the reason for the interesting wildlife in the country. Animals such as the Simien Fox and the Ethiopian Wolf, which is Africa’s most endangered carnivore can be seen in their natural habitat in the country.

Coffee in Ethiopia is culture. Known for its delicate notes, the Ethiopian beans are some of the worldwide best single origin coffee worldwide. The country’s location, historical values and resources have made it a very significant player in the North African region. It is the second most populated African country and the only one there which has never been colonised. As one of the oldest countries in the world, Ethiopia is the place from where humanity originates, and it contributed greatly gifting people mathematics. Incredible country with even more incredible history, Ethiopia’s complexity is one worth putting efforts in exploring.


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