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Destination calling: here is all you need to know about Trancosbefore you plan your trip to this Brazilian paradise 

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Aachal Lal

28 June 2019


Brazil's hidden beach town is as cool as beaches get. Located in Bahia, Brazil, the place is known to be very fashionable. It has a São Paulo vibe, a combination of gypsy and hippy styles. Once small and not very populated, Trancoso was a fishing village. Not very many people knew about it in the past, neither did a lot of people choose it as a travel destination, but this slowly began to change in the recent years. Now Trancoso has revealed its full potential and is more inviting than ever before.

It is a very energetic place, but don't get disappointed by this description. There is a tender balance between its energy and the relaxed atmosphere that increases people's curiosity about the place. There, you can ride horses on the sandy beach, drink caipirinhas under the sun or taste local home-cooked Brazilian food. The visual satisfaction of Trancoso is what hooks people and makes them want to go back. It has previously been talked about by travellers in relation to how inviting it is, creating a real sense of community.


Once small and almost entirely forgotten by people except for the fishermen, today this Brazilian destination is very developed. Many restaurants and open-air bars are waiting for more people to come in and enjoy the tropical lifestyle. Having breakfast in a high place, overlooking the beach doesn't sound like a bad way to start your day.

The food is very interesting to try. It has multiple influences from Portuguese, African and native American people. Their culinary heritage was left to amaze travellers, who try dishes, which are perfectly balanced and made to spoil. Innovative restaurants combine and mix food from the three nations, who contributed with their culinary culture to the district. Homemade food is highly valued, and simplicity is appreciated, but the taste manages to vary, stay exceptional, innovative and dynamic.

Quadrado is the main square and preferred place by many to see. It is car-free and protected by UNESCO. Isolated for centuries, Trancoso now gains people's interest with its artistic side. Hippies, artists, fashion and music lovers transformed the Brazilian location when they brought different vibe to it back in the 70's. Ever since then, the culture expanded and developed even more, becoming its trademark and what the place is mostly known for. The 'casas' have a soul and reflect the history of Trancoso. Some of them have been restored in attempt to be saved. Designers, architects and artists combined their efforts and work to restore the houses and give it the vibe that the people exploring it in the 70's brought with them.

Trancoso really is a place that pays attention to details and has a lot to offer to pleasure the senses with its beauty, fresh food, upbeat music and warm people.



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