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Beautiful Poland with its energy and warm heart is the place you should pay attention to, if you haven't already done so

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Sebastian Bednarek

02 July 2019

Katowice, Poland sebastian-bednarek-7386

From upbeat Warsaw to the dynamic port city of Gdańsk and the medieval Kraków, Poland knows no boundaries when it comes to interesting twists and turns.

Kings have ruled those lands thousands of years ago and left the castles from their kingdoms to remind us of the beginning of the 'Polish history. Some of those buildings stand tall and magnificent for millenniums now.

History is put first in Poland. Even in the present, synagogues are being restored and Holocaust memorials are planned for restoration too. In some places there are even heritage trails left for people to follow on their journey to discover the country's well-kept secrets. Tourists can go and learn about Poland's history according to their own dept of interest and preference of pace, following the trails.

Gothic and Renaissance blend together in the red-bricked fortresses, the wooden churches and open-air museums.

Food is varied, but homemade dishes are locals' favourite, as food prepared at home is a reminder of cold days, spend in their grandparents' house. When it comes to cooking, for the polish is important to include locally sourced, fresh ingredients and cook with friend and family for best results. They like to share food and dining experiences and value family a lot. And for dessert, there often are pancakes, apple strudel, or even lody, which is a traditional ice cream that tastes like heaven.

It is not such a well-known fact that Poland invented the vodka. There is even a special masterclass - the Chopin Vodka's Masterclass, where you can try up to eight different flavours of the spirit.

Most of the country is flat, which creates an optical illusion for stillness, judging from the low-laying mountains and forest' trails. However, this holds some advantages. You can go kayaking or canoeing down the rivers, which is a great idea for some weekend plans.

Now, the cities are something else and each one of them is different from the next one. Sopot is a seaside escape, away from the noise of the street crowds. Poznam is known for the brightly-coloured townhouses, while Wroclaw is a university quarter and proud to be one. If you are interested in making a trip to Malbork, you can visit the biggest castle in the world, listed by UNESCO.

Make sure to stop by the Hala Koszyki. It is a revitalised market hall from 1909, where now you can find numerous restaurant concepts. It is dynamic, interesting, buzzing with people and very innovative. We highly recommend it and it is the locals' choice when it comes to spending a night out and there is a reason why. It is a great spot for a late brunch or a dinner date and just like Poland itself, it is very charismatic.



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