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We explored Iceland from its hidden corners to the comfort of the well-known locations to guide you through the land of ice and natural wonders

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Denys Nevozhai

01 December 2019

Iceland is a destination, designed for tourist, who are on the lookout for an adventure. From volcanoes to avalanches, tidal waves, crevasses and earthquakes you can see and experience so much that the nature gives humanity. 

When you visit the country, it is important to understand that you need to respect this precious land and take care of the environment as much as you enjoy its wonders. It has happened in the past that travellers would cause problems with the infrastructure or take thins land for granted and we want to ask everybody who is headed there to be respectful.

Local people have been through a lot, considering the financial crises that have hit the country in the recent years. They have experienced various earthquakes in the past and this is still a common thing to happen, although they tend to be lighter and not causing any major destruction. The rough living and environmental conditions require you to be tough in order to survive living there.

Its beauty is beyond compare. The nature elements blend together in harmony and visiting this place often bring peace to the travels. The underpopulated island is located near the top of the globe and the amount of tourist that can host triples the amount of the locals.

Volcanic forests and glaciers shape the land. Glaciers caves are not rare to see as they crave their way into the depths of the earth, following their own self-made paths. Pretty much everything that Iceland shapes is breath taking. The air so clean and crispy because of the cold and the lack of human involvement. The midnight sun looks special and must be seen at least once in a lifetime. We believe that nothing you will ever experience in Iceland will be what it seemed at first sight because this land tends to turn the ordinary experiences into unforgettable ones.

The stories of huldufólk ravel around the country. Those are elves from the Iceland folklore, who are believed to live in the rocks and the superstition goes that one shouldn't under any circumstances throw a rock because they might hit the little creatures. The stories about them, also known as the 'hidden people' originate from those cold lands.

The culture seems to always be in a process of expanding. Music and visual arts are celebrated monthly. It is no wonder why plenty of musicians, writers, poets, dreamers and artists visit Iceland to get inspired from this world that exists outside of their own. 

Home-cooked food is a priority when it comes to Iceland's cuisine. We believe it is because homemade food has a special way to warm the heart and make people feel at home. Iceland represents this feeling of homeliness and inclusiveness very well. The effortless kind of beauty and lifestyle is typical for the Nordic way of thinking and perceiving. 

Visit Iceland if you haven't done that already and experience first hand what it is like to exist on the top of the world, quite literally in fact.



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