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Destination Germany - ORIGIN Magazine

We take you on a walk down memory lane to show you how Germany looks like in the present

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Wendel Hilario

27 November 2019

The land of pretzels, schnitzels and beer has is a tidy place with a well-developed infrastructure and peaceful way of living. The landscape is diverse and beautiful. The forests seem to have an attitude, the river-valleys and the vineyards give a lot of temperament to the German land. The Alps are iconic for Germany. Covered in glaciers, they are a curve of nature's wishes, mapping out the land.

The big cities are dynamic and interesting, while life in the villages differ with their peacefulness. Traditions are preserved, and people like to talk about the past as a reminder of what has happened and how they can learn from it. Berlin, Munich and Hamburg - they are like a roller-coaster of non-stop adventures with plenty of things to see. The kaleidoscope of museums, art galleries and historical buildings add a certain kind of long-forgotten charm to the European country. The past has affected the country massively. The whole world has discussed the Reformation, the Holocausts. Dachau and other concentration camps and, of course, Hitler's politics. It is unbelievable that this much history has been made in a single place. History really does speak very loudly in specific places around the county even today. The locals want to remember all that has happened and strive to leave a different kind of mark in the world in the future.

Germany likes being traditional, but it also knows how to party. There are numerous nightclubs, dance parties and basement clubs to choose from for those, who like to stay up all night dancing. Another thing that the locals know how to do is cook. Germany is not just about the pretzels, although they are a national symbol. In fact, Germany has a diverse palette of tastes when it comes to cuisine. Locals are good at preparing homemade meals and like using ingredients such as mushrooms and asparagus as well as fresh fruits and vegetables to add colours to their meals.

The immigration is a process that is still in the making. It has affected Germany. You can hear diverse languages being spoken on the streets as you walk by, but don't be surprised if German is not the dominant one, for the bigger cities this applies more. German is a difficult language to learn, but you will be hearing a lot of different forms of dialects as well. Different areas around the country are known to have their own individuality, which can be heard in people's pronunciation. 

Beethoven, Martin Luther, Karl Marx and Brothers Grimm were all born there. Now you know why, with its many splendid castles with spacious gardens and elegant architecture, Germany looks like a place that has come out of a fairy tale. It is because it has been the source of inspiration for many.



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