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Trace NOMADSofORIGIN's adventure to the Scandinavian country and learn all the things we love about it

Words: Emily Georgieva

Phorography: Emma Dau

25 November 2019

Denmark is pure and has a very sophisticated simplicity. What you see is what you get, and Danes sure do know how to pay attention to details and this is easy to notice in all aspects of the way they express their individuality - from the architecture, to art and fashion Denmark has its own style and way of doing things.


Our travels to Denmark took us to a place with a very civilised society and forward-thinking urbanisation system where locals value the organic lifestyle. Nowhere near pretentious, the Scandinavian country excites with its look and balance that locals seem to have mastered between work and social enjoyment.

The cycling culture is developed much like in many cities in Germany. Cycling is very popular as there are more bikes than cars. People like contributing to the environment and keeping the streets clean by lowering the emissions that are being released by cars. You can hire a boat to explore the seas if you want to experience different kind of transportation. The Tivoli Gardens are known to be one of the most beautiful theme-parks in Europe. Visually stunning, Denmark also knows how to have fun. The streets get transformed every time there is a carnival or a concert organised, including celebrations from jazz to rock music. Each event is different. Being incredible liberal and welcoming, Denmark has a little bit for everyone.

The Nordic food is represented everywhere from the north of the country to the west. There is simplicity of the design not just when it comes to food, but also in the design of the restaurants. Some of the up-and-coming restaurants serve delicious seafood, caught directly from the sea or risottos for those with a different preference. Street food remains locals' favourite as no one can resist the famous Danish ice cream. Cafes are scattered everywhere, and organic food is easy to find. If you ever visit Denmark, make sure to try the Vienna Bread, the recipe for which was given to local chefs by Vienna culinary experts. Also, do google the Noma restaurant, you won't regret tasting the culinary extravaganza, carefully created by skilful culinary gurus. This restaurant alone has been titled as the Best Restaurant in the World four times in its existence. Spagheteria and Apollo are another favourite when it comes to food, but if you are looking for spending a nice afternoon, drinking coffee and reading a book, head towards the La Banchina coffee house.

Speaking of food and sharing culture, there is a word, commonly used and very Danish, which seems to collect all the country's charm in its meaning. 'Hygge' is essentially an association with warmth, candles and soft blankets - Denmark in a nutshell. It is a concept that defines people's style in many ways and suits the country as most of the year the weather is cold and rainy. The country is clean and cosy and mindset shows in every aspect of the locals' lifestyle. Unlike the commotion in the busy, metropolitan cities, where people prefer to go out and catch up over a meal shared in a restaurant, Danes are lovers of the home space. They will prefer hosting homemade dinner gatherings at their own homes over going out at any given opportunity. There is a strong sense of friendly intimacy, family values and communities. 

Denmark has a European style and atmosphere. The cutting-edge architecture is impressive yet remains somehow simple in the most elegant sense of the word. In Aarchas, which was the European Capital of Culture in 2017, you can see the famous iceberg apartment building. Combining artistic styles with imagination is an approach that follows the outside and inside of the country and very much is what the locals represent. In Denmark less is more, which is the typical Scandinavian approach.

People are quite welcoming. They want to make everybody feel at home and are always ready to help. They carry the Scandinavian vibe with them everywhere they go. If once it was considered fashionable to be Parisian, today Scandinavians are the aspiration for many when it comes to style. They sure do know how to stay elegant, yet comfortable. The street style still dominates. Locals have a very effortless, inclusive and cosy style, which pretty much also describes their way of living. Denmark hold special place in our hearts. Go there and you will be transformed to a place that may at first seem cold, but you will soon see its warmth and be able to feel at home.



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