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Image by Jared Rice

The coasts of Mexico are mysterious and magnificent. Once seen their beauty nobody can forget the feeling of peacefulness and tranquillity. Mexico's soul lays within its beaches

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Jared Rice

04 July 2019

Mexico is a generous land. Its mountains, deserts and jungles make it as diverse a location as it gets. There is something to suit everyone's taste. Culture, history and heritage tangle together to structure Mexico as we know it. The North American country has existed for over three millennia. During this time a lot has changed and improved. The look of the capital and the bigger towns has evolved. Some aspects of the location, however, have kept their initial, untouched-by-human charm.

The beaches of Mexico are possibly the most mesmerising places to see. Even though people's co-existence with nature leaves an impact everywhere, nature has ways of maintaining its organic beauty. It is a process that can be felt as well as seen. The Mexican coastline is a typical example that portrays this.

There are few places left on the planet, where time can seem as if it runs slower, where all that matters is being present. Places like this often make an impact on us. Sometimes visiting such a location can make us rethink our whole futures, our life and what we want for ourselves. Mexican beaches, with their fine sand and peaceful water, can have this strong impact.

A lot has been said and written about Tulum, Playa del Amor, Costa Alegre and Yelapa. They are beloved because of their turquoise waters, their cave-like shapes, hidden from the rest of the world (Playa del Amor), the jungle-looking roads leading to them and their isolation from the city (Yelapa). Mexico's beaches have been ranked and suggested as tourist destinations by many, but ORIGIN wants to bring your attention to their natural beauty and beyond what attracts a tourist for a holiday. The coasts of Mexico look so pure, so quiet and distantly mesmerising that if you ever find yourself at any of them, it is worth taking the time to just be present and let it all sink it.


This land has existed longer than anyone can probably imagine. It is a paradise like no other place in the world. All of the beaches are unique as they represent the pure and beautiful character of Mexico. Those are places, where mankind can exist among nature as one. Preserving them and teaching those around us to do the same is essential. Virgin places, where the impact of construction and urbanisation has not influenced the landscape are rare and their beauty is sacred.

When in Mexico take a deep breath, look at all the nature around and let happiness fill you up. Looking at the ocean from the edge of an island or the coast of a beach is the best therapy for the soul there is.



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