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NOMADSofORIGIN always encourages our travel nomads to sink into adventures but today we inspire you to stay home and have some fun while you’re at it. Follow our guide to welcoming cosy into your house

Words: Aleksandra Georgieva

Photography: Pixie Content

25 March 2020

NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine’s editors are always on the lookout for sustainable ways to travel and unconventional spots to recommend to our family of nomads. This is something different. For the first time we invite you to get inspired to stay home.

Amid the COVID-19 chaos the best way to keep yourself and others protected is to stay home. Yet, the period of self-isolation might be tricky. Those of us with an everlasting wanderlust find it especially challenging to stay put, but we have got you covered. Follow our rare guide to putting travelling on pause and creating a welcoming atmosphere that will greet you on your way back from all your future adventures.


Welcome warmth. 

We recommend you to start with the floors. Invest in some soft carpets that your feet can sink into. A soft-coloured carpet can go a long way. The same rule applies to curtains. Embrace soft fabrics and light colours that are known to make a room appear more spacious, open and warm. Changing something as simple as your curtains and carpets will change the entire vibe to your home. Warmth can transform any room into a real temptation for indoor activities.

Lighting is key.
A soft light can really open a room. Intense lightbulbs can make your home seem a bit cold. Spending longer in a room with a very bright artificial light also strains your eyes and makes you more tired. Consider lower key lighting, perhaps from various sources such as fairy lights, decorative lamps and so on.


Throw in some pillows.
There is nothing cosier than pillows. Put them on your sofas, chairs and floors. Whether you thing bedroom or living room a bit of organised chaos goes a long way. Pillows mean you can choose various cover designs that will bring more colour and excitement to your home. They will also make every corner of a room seem tempting to get comfortable at, whether you’ll choose to watch movies, paint, read a book or get some laptop work out of the way.


Display your memories.
Think of all these travel photos you took in the past and dig them out of your photo albums of camera memory cards. Go back to all the happy times spent with family and friends that you luckily captured on film and frame the photos. Print them in standard size or go big enough to cover half a wall. Displaying past memories and making room for new ones is a great way to make your home extra cosy.


Get inspired.
Much like displaying your memories, it is important that you put an emphasis on what makes you happy. Bring your favourite magazines and books to the front of your shelves. Get your music collection out on display, whether you have CDs or vinyl records. Hang paintings on your walls or create some art yourself. Simply shine light on what makes you feel inspired, whether it is something created by you or those you admire.


Power of plants.
It is incredible how the simplest are usually the best solutions to any situation. Something alive undoubtedly brings some life to your home. Learn how to take care of plants and enjoy the feeling of warmth they gift in return. Pro tip: we know your first thought was probably a cactus, but we recommend you go a bit crazier than decorative coffee table plants. Go big with lively, house plants that grow wide and tall – those are the ones that really open up a room and as a bonus teach you how to take care of something alive.


Indoor gardening is a thing.

We are all dependant on the imported goods and consuming food that is often produced in other countries. Yet, you can grow certain foods at home. Whether you have little or much space, planting the seeds of most fruits and vegetables is an easy way to a more organic diet. Get crazy with herbs, citruses, tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapples and so much more. The internet is full with DIY gardening videos.

Layer up.
Interior designers know about the power of soft textiles and creating layers. Often something as simple as throwing a soft blanket over an armchair is enough to make a room seem modern and edgy. We have all seen it on the pages of magazines, so why not try it at home?! Grab your softest blankets, preferably in warm tones, and layer textiles away.


Most people have candles tucked away at home but how many of you actually use them beyond decoration? Spread scented candles in every room. Not only would they bring a cosy feeling to your living space, but certain smells are proven to make people feel happier, more relaxed or inspired. Play around with your favourite scents and embrace the feeling of warmth your home will fill up with.


Personalise your living space.
Breathe life to what makes you happy at home. Whether you are a musician, an artist, writer, adventure seeker, traveller, or a culinary enthusiast, showcase it. Whether what excites you is your job or your hobbies, display the tools that make you who you are. Surround yourself with your musical instruments, ski, cameras, skateboards, cooking equipment, paintbrushes or whatever it is that makes you happy being yourself.


NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine takes the opportunity of the 2019 lockdown to inspire our travel nomads to remain home. This is how you can easily give your home a vibe that will make you wish to spend your free time indoors almost as much as you may be consumed by adventure wanderlust.




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