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From the streets of Croatia to its crystal-blue waters, humble people and fruitful fields. Walk with us through the territory of Croatia to get lost in its ancient charm

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Christopher Campbell

08 February 2019


This land is located at the Adriatic Sea, on the crossroads of Southeast and Central Europe. A total of 4.28 million inhabit the country. Croatia is often visited by tourist, but the place doesn't just benefit financially from tourism. Locals are known for their generosity and humbleness. Many of them are ready to introduce their culture to others, show what they value and share their traditions and customs with visitors. Those, who pass by and do make friends with locals, have sometime had the privilege to stay in their houses and try their home-made food, often sourced with locally produced products.

Croatia is a giving land. This is what the Croatians value and pass on to others. However, not only its people like to give. The land is generous as well. Depending on the climate predispositions, the earth is kind to the farmers. A very distinguished characteristic of the cultural independence of the country is locals' love for sharing their food and drinks and make everybody feel at home.

Representing a sort of wonderland, Croatia holds in her possession river canyons, lakes, peaks and a gorgeous coastline - everybody's favourite part. Whereas there is a lot to see around the borders, the further you go into it, the flatter the landscape gets. The country invites people to go hiking, cycling, rafting, zip lining and rock climbing. There is something for everybody. If you have got an adventurous soul, you can accompany locals to some beautiful landscape marks and try any of these activities.

In case you prefer to be there and enjoy the tranquillity side of it, the sea is there to make you forget all your worries. The waters are clear and often calm. As the wine and the olive oils are a signature of the country, special care is taken to produce and use them. Those two products have been world-wide valued and have competed for awards based on their tasting notes and quality.

If you plan a trip to Croatia, regardless of being there for a day or a week, stay open to the freedom that this place represents. Chat with locals in restaurants and stores, visit beaches and wine fields, take it all in. This small part of Europe will leave a long-lasting feeling of gratitude in your mind.



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