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Explore the well-known Brazilian beach from a perspective you haven't thought of before

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Lance Asper, Kensuke Saito, Joao Ferreira

18 May 2019


Copacabana can easily be called the most famous beach in the world. It is three miles long, running along the residential area of Rio de Jeneiro. It is guarded by two forts - Fort Copacabana and Forth Duque de Caxias. The beach line is whole four kilometres long, running from Posto 2 up to Posto 6. The sand is fine and clean, making the beach vibrant in its peacefulness.

Located at Lago Titcaca and Rio de Jeneiro, the water is clear and cold, which makes it perfectly refreshing for everybody who likes swimming in the wild. The word 'cahana' is used in relation to an outdoor tent-like construction, which is made of canvas or other light materials for sleeping. It is usually located by swimming pools, rivers or seaside, which suits the vibe that Copacabana gives out. Sleeping on the beach under the stars with the waves dropping into the ocean is a great way to ensure you got a healthy night sleep.

You can enjoy the view from the Kiosksil by the Rio bay sipping on some coconut water and catching to sun. The beach gets very crowded at New Year's Day as it is a popular destination for people to gather together and celebrate what's to come, to send off the year and embrace the new one. More than 2 000 000 people go there to welcome the sunrise on that day and party together.

Copacabana is the host location for the Olympic triathlon and the marathon. Those swimming events are often held there, and the beach has become iconic for it. In Copacabana you can learn to paddle board. Practice your balance skills as you learn to stand up on the board and move around. It is a great way to feel the salty sea air in your hair and appreciate all that the beach has to offer.

There are tents on the beach, called 'barracas'. People sell all kind of things there. From bowls of granola to bananas, nuts and grilled cheese, anything can be found on the sandy doorstep towards the water. You can even buy coconut water from the tents - an incredibly refreshing way to stay hydrated after spending a whole day on the beach under the sun. Copacabana is a destination suitable for the lovers of sand, waves and sunshine.



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