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There are a lot of things that make Chile an intriguing destination. The mountain ranges are undeniably magnificent and one of those few places on Earth where you can see active volcanoes on your hiking expedition. The wonders of nature shape the charm of the country. The world's driest desert - the Atacama Desert - is situated on the territory of the country.

The word itself is believed to have several meanings just to make the place that bit more interesting. The Mapuche word chilli translates to "where the land ends", while according to a Native American language Chile means "end of the earth". Taken from Quechua chiri means "the deepest point of the Earth". Take your pick because no matter which translation you choose, it would capture the essence of Chile. Whether you want to visit just so you can see the world's oldest mummy, as it is being kept there,  or you want to practice your Spanish skills and enjoy a top-notch wine produced by the 9th biggest wine producer in the world, you need to grab your friends, book your tickets and head off to Chile as soon as you can. There is so much to be seen, explored and learned about it that words simply can't describe it all.


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