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So many different things characterise Canada. When we talk about sports, we mention hockey. When we talk about breakfast, we think of maple syrup. When we discuss the weather, we talk about the poetic cold winters there. To try and stereotype Canada, however, means to miss out on so much that it offers.

A visit of Toronto or a stop by the Niagara Falls is just a fraction of what one can do in Canada. In order to explore it to its fullest, you need to prepare to spend a lot of time outdoors, however cold this may be. There are more lakes in Canada than the rest of the world combined and the fact that you probably won’t be able to see them all only means that you will never get bored of exploring new locations around the country. The lowest temperature recorded in history was – 63°C and it was measured in Canada in 1947. If you think you’ve got enough layers on, get out there and explore Canada’s wonders alongside the locals’ favourite places to spend their time at.


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