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Known as the Land of Roses, it is only natural that Bulgaria leaves us in awe because of the variety of it's landscapes. Nature is wild and stunning. Mountain ranges, caves, rivers, seas and even a small desert, Bulgaria has it all. It produces 85% of all the rose oil available in the world in The Rose Valley near the small town of Kazanlak.

Traditions are passed on through generations as culture has always been important for the locals. Its complicated history tells stories of times when kings ruled the country, followed by eras when wars separated territories and poets wrote on and on to make sure history would live on and never be forgotten. Formed more than 1 300 years ago, Bulgaria is the oldest European country and one that hasn’t changed its name since it was established in 681 by Khan Asparukh. From the emblematic villages to the capital located at the outskirts of Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria is the home of barefoot fire dancing, incredible diversity of nature and safely kept traditions that have existed for over a thousand years.


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