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NOMADSofORIGIN l Best USA National Parks
NOMADSofORIGIN l Best USA National Parks

We travelled across the US to make a list of the most futuristic and abstract looking National Parks. From the Mars-like Death Valley to the lesser-known Arches National Park, here are our favourites

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Dave Herring, Arun Clarke

15 October 2020

America is well known for its stunning national parks. Charming travellers and locals alike, they are a preferred destination for many nomads not only because of the incredible view that's promised, but also because of the cultural and historical significance of the sites. From Yellowstone, the very first national park that opened in 1872 to more recently established sites, we take you on a trip through surrealistic mountain-esque formations, crystal-clear lakes and beautiful forests that always manage to leave visitors in awe.

NOMADSofORIGIN l Best USA National Parks
NOMADSofORIGIN l Best USA National Parks

Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park gets its name from the numerous sand arches that you will see while walking around and admiring the beauty of the place. There are 2000 of them and thy give the park a one-of-a-kind charm. The place is so picturesque that it is known to have inspired many moviemakers as scenes shot on location appear in movies such as Indiana Jones. The attractions of the park like Parade of Elephants make it an ideal place to visit if you want to have fun while exploring the wild side of the States.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The park's rich history and culture can almost e felt as you walk alongside the stunning lakes and mystical forests. Grand Teton National Park is one of the most interesting ones on the list for lovers of the outdoors activities Many travllers make sure to pay a visit to the site to hike the breath taking mountains and walk in the kingdom of wild elk, eagles and bears. The wildlife is not the only thing that speaks for the park's native side - the mountain formations almost make the place seem sacred.

Death Valley National Park, Nevada and California

A bit more famous, this national park is anything but ordinary. The name has not been picked without a reason. Known to be one of the hottest places on Earth, Death Valley lays on 3.4 million acres of land. Head to Zabriskie Point and to Mosaic Canyon to watch the lilac, pink and blood orange hills overtake the horizon. The pastel colours intertwine and wash into one another giving the place a Mars-like appeal. Death Valley National Park is our personate favourite, but make sure to visit during the spring or autumn to avoid the unbearable heat that settles in during the summer.

NOMADSofORIGIN l Best USA National Parks
NOMADSofORIGIN l Best USA National Parks

Joshua Tree National Park, California

We couldn't leave Joshua Tree out of the list, simply because it belongs to it. Even though we have explored the park before in photo guides, it never fails to amaze us. The park is beyond incredible with its unique, abstract nature and futuristic landscape. You can enjoy a day trip there and head to Palm Springs afterwards, which is only 45-minute drive away. We recommend visiting when a meteor shower occurs to be able to truly take in the magic that this place breathes. Regardless if you go there to listen to live music performances, enjoy the watching the night sky and the clear view of the Milky Way or you simply want to wander around during golden hour, Joshua Tree won't disappoint even the most sceptical nomads.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

If active volcanoes are your thing or if you haven't had the opportunity to see one yet, then Mount Rainier National Park is the next place you should plan a visit to. The National Park is an active volcano, and a rare sight of the skyline can be observed no matter when you choose to visit as the volcano creates its own clouds. The majestic forests and wildlife add to what the place has to offer and make it even more captivating. Mount Rainier also holds the most glaciated peak in the US - a pretty good reason for the national park to make our list.



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