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Get your passports ready, pack the sunscreen and the shades and get ready for the ultimate relaxation experience! We made a list of some of our favourite destinations for a classy girls holiday that will guarantee you'll have a great time

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Apostolos Vamvouras, The Pineapple Concept

20 April 2020

Nothing beats a girls holiday! When life gets too much, going away for a trip can just be the remedy you need. We know this is easier said than done as everyone nowadays is too busy dealing with their day-to-day life to make a group plan. However, our team is believers of the philosophy that there is no time like the present, especially when it comes to tarvelling.

It's about time you organise your friends and finally book that vacation you always talk about but never really get around to. Get your passports ready, pack the sunscreen and the shades and get ready for the ultimate relaxation experience! We made a list of some of our favourite destinations for a classy girls holiday and we guarantee you won't be able to resist them.



This is an obvious destination and we don't even have to try and explain why. Every island that is part of Greece will be the right choice. Soak up the sunshine when you go for your daily sunbathing sessions, try some ouzo after dinner at a restaurant situated by the beach and enjoy a diet dedicated to freshly caught and cooked seafood. It is no wander why Greece was once the territory of gods and goddesses - a holiday there is an absolute dream!


What better way to destress and enjoy some time with your best friends than a sty in France?! The country of style has a lot to offer that goes beyond the stunning beauty of Paris. Head to Nice to enjoy the beach lifestyle or drive through the breathtaking vineyards starting from Domaine Cazes in Roussillon to Domaine de Mourchon in Rhône and Château Thieuley in Bordeaux.


Paella plus sun plus sangria equals great time! Trust us on that one, we explored this destination as a girls holiday for ourselves. A day trip to Barcelona is a must because no matter how many times you visit, the city will take you by surprise with how incredible it is. For an ultimate authentic stay, head to any of the beaches. We picked Salou as our destination and instantly fell in love with it. You can make a schedule so you can enjoy the seaside by day and dive into the cultural side of the city by night when you dine at the beach restaurants situated right on the sandy coastline.


If you are ​looking for a historic type of holiday, then Morocco is your go-to destination. There is plenty to learn about the past of the country, the culture of the locals and their day-to-day life. Morocco is fascination because it seems to function as a world of its own kind. If you've already been to Marrakesh and had the opportunity to emerge yourself into the hectic markets, then consider planning a trip to Fes. There you can enjoy lunching at an unpretentious restaurant in one of the many side streets and listen to live music at night. 


A trip to Croatia goes without saying. The summertime is the most favorable period of the year to visit. Plan a trip to Hvar or Split if you are looking for familiarity or if you want to head to more off-the-beaten-track beach towns consider Island Vis. You and your girlfriends can go for a swim or a snorkeling experience. To get a taste of the locals' lifestyle, stay at Komiza and search for fresh fish in the hidden restaurants scattered around the fishing village.


A Mediterranean lifestyle is awaiting you in Portugal. If you want to plan a city break or a trip to Europe, Portugal should be on your radar. The country is a wonderful oasis perfect for escaping the busy routine of a big city lifestyle. Relax by exploring the charming villages on foot and go sightseeing in the bigger cities. Let the palm trees and sunshine be the only thing on your mind for a few days and enjoy the view with a nice chilled glass of white wine or rose. You can even plan a group activity such as a cooking class so the whole girl gang can get a taste of Portugal and bring that memory back home by sharing authentic Portuguese recipes with family and friends. 


Bars, restaurants and beautiful architecture. Hungary is a dreamy destination. A visit there is a great way to experience Europe with style. You can't really plan a visit in Hungary. Instead, let yourself go with the flow. See where sightseeing and street-walking takes you. Dive into an adventure like no other and explore Hungary like a pro by taking every opportunity that comes your way to get closer to the culture.

A bit further away from European destinations, Dubai is a great destination for people who are on the search for the ultimate relaxation experience. Visit the Burj Khalifa, known as the tallest building in the world where you can chill out and find a shelter from the heat at the atmosphere bar that has a view like no other and reveals the city from the perspective of 122nd floor. During the day make sure to catch the sunshine at the beach and when the night falls, head to the busy city to let loose and experience the nightlife like a local.





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