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We went to Berlin and we just wanted to stay up all night, exploring and walking around the street corners of this ever-changing city

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Camilla Bundgaard

03 December 2019

Berlin is a place of power. History speaks for its strength over the decades. The city has a population of around 3 million people, but it can often seem like they are a lot more. Tourist head to Berlin at any time of the year, giving it the dynamic scent of a megalopolis. It is vibrant, colourful, loud and energetic in the best possible ways.

Being divided by the Berlin Wall until 1989, the city holds dear its history and shows its battle scars. The past is still a huge way through which the city evolves and decides which way to take on. The division and the tough years that back in the days people had to go through can be seen in cultural aspects, as well as being represented in the arts and architecture. Nevertheless, Berlin remains a forward-thinking German megalopolis - a blend of modernity with some influence of traditions and the past.

Berlin's energy is contagious. People go there to get inspired when they are on the look for something different. The city itself is a breathing piece of art, combining in its arms galleries, art museums and couture boutiques. The nightlife never seems to stop. It is a celebration of sound, lights and music, inviting everybody to join in.

In the past, the city provoked revolution. Once operating as a Nazi's headquarters, almost entirely bombed to the ground, divided in two, Berlin demonstrated courage, strength and persistence. It is a global symbol of illuminating power and today it is a home of vibrant culture. Everybody, who want to find interesting people, good food, lots of fun and great atmosphere should think about stopping by Berlin and trying to blend in with the locals. There surely is a lot that can be learnt from this place and all the stories it tells daily.



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