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NOMADSofORIGIN’s editor-in-chief Emily Georgieva spoke with the team of Aura House about sustainability in architecture, the art of pushing innovation forward and the elegance of this bamboo masterpiece

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Aura House

18 November 2019

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If you are looking into booking a holiday in Bali and want to experience an eco-stay in the Asian oasis, we present to you Aura House. The villa has stolen the hearts of numerous guests. Photographers, influencers and supermodels such as Victoria Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes, are among those to have enjoyed a stay there. Located half an hour south of Ubud, the villa offers guests many comforts including their own privacy combined with the opportunity to connect with the surrounding nature. Standing at your very own terrace and drinking your morning coffee, you could be overlooking the magnificent jungle forest in the near distance. Aura House is a postcard-like place of splendour that will have you feeling as if you are living in a jungle fairy tale.

Possibly our favourite thing about the eco villa is its wild side. Although guests experience top-notch luxurious stay, they can also get to know Bali from a local rather than a tourist point of view. Aura House is part of the Green Village ecosystem – a community of individuals with the same values and a passion to educate more people about sustainable living. This is where Bali unwinds before your eyes – guests can see how locals use the gifts of nature to create beautiful spaces and bring the idea of sustainability as a lifestyle to new horizons.

Aura House x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine
Aura House x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine


The team of Aura House has created a space that helps guests detach from their day-to-day life so they can focus on their wellbeing whilst in Bali. The space surely makes this process a pleasure. A stay in the house is an amazing experience that one simply can’t forget. You can craft your stay according to your liking. Experience private yoga sessions or Balinese massages and finish off the day with open-air dining at the Ibu Kadek restaurant.


 “During your stay in an innovative architecture masterpiece, we want you to be able to improve your wellness, experiment eco-living and develop your ecoskills.” 

Aura Hose's team for NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine

Upon arrival guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast on the first morning of their stay. The villa offers each guest access to two bedrooms equipped with king-sized beds, WiFi, parking, pool that reveals a view of the jungle and a kitchen that brings extra touch of comfort to the place. An isolated paradise, this villa combines everything a modern traveller needs – sustainably created space, effortless luxury, exclusive privacy and the opportunity to get to know Bali’s wild side.

This eco bamboo villa is not just visually stunning, it is also an architectural masterpiece. The founders teamed up with IBUKU to work on the design of the villa. Locally grown Asper bamboo was used in the construction. The material was not chosen without a reason. The strength, longevity and renewability of the bamboo made it the preferred choice for the villa – it is equally beautiful and ground-breaking. Aura House is a forward-thinking architectural innovation showcasing the graceful craftsmanship that people can achieve when working with sustainable resources.

We asked the team of Aura House about what inspired them to start the project, what the villa means to them and their take on sustainability.

Aura House x NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine


NOMADSofORIGIN: Aura House’s encourages people to connect with nature. Is this an important part of the guests’ experience and why?

AH: It is important for our guests to connect with nature. They come to Bali for this specific purpose.


NOMADSofORIGIN: It seems that preserving the authentic characteristics of the area, such as the wildlife and environmental habitat around Aura House, is important for you. Do you think this is the future of travelling – exploring destinations with a mindset of preserving nature?

AH: We believe in sustainable tourism and try to show that it can be a credible alternative to classic tourism.


NOMADSofORIGIN: Aura House is made from locally grown Asper Bamboo. Do you believe that using sustainable materials should be adopted by more guesthouse architects around the world?

AH: Yes, we believe bamboo is a sustainable material and should be used more often - especially in places where it grows naturally.


NOMADSofORIGIN: Based on testimonials people seem to adore the house and everything it has to offer. What do you think guests take away from the experience of staying at Aura House?
I think our guests love the experience of living in the jungle in a beautiful house connected with the surroundings. I believe they also love Green VIllage, and its philosophy.


NOMADSofORIGIN: Can you sum up in a sentence what Aura House means to you?

AH: In a nutshell, we couldn't be more proud to be the owner of Aura House!

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Book your stay at this eco-savy 3 storey bamboo paradise and experience a luxurious stay like no other in the heart of Bali.

NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine reccomends:

must visit spots around AURA HOUSE

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The Kul Kul Farm – take a workshop in this out-of-this-world beautiful farm and learn essential skills about gardening, growing wholesome food and even bamboo building. You will have the chance to talk to and learn from masters of their crafts who wish to spread the idea of sustainable living further.

The Green School – the school is dedicated to encouraging children to use their imagination and learn in natural environment. They are thought about nature and the importance of sustainability. Since it was founded by the Hardys in 2006, the school has worked with 400 students and has become a pioneer changemaker in the sustainability ideology.

The surrounding neighbourhoods – locals live in harmony with nature. This area of Bali represents the importance of connecting with nature and co-existing with it. Locals are respectful of everything nature gives them and use it to fuel the narrative of remaining mindful about eco-living.

The Ayung River – the river is part of the scenery but also a source of live. It is not just respected, but locals have also altered their communal areas around it to learn from nature and allow it to become part of their everyday life.

Bamboo U – the Bamboo U takes participants on day trips to the Bamboo Factory. Experts in their fields talk more about the future of architecture and explain how sustainability has become the core in the process of building anything in the area. Participants get insider knowledge on architectural techniques and alternative ways of building.



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