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The Icelandic horses are a iconic symbol of the nation's culture and values and looking at them, we know why

Words: Emily Georgieva

27 October 2019

Cold weather comes with its ups and downs. It is incredible to think about how different our planet is. Some of the things that make destinations different from one another are their locations and values. The northern countries face a lot of difficulties, but it is easy to appreciate the beauty there when you see it. The Icelandic horses are among the country's many wonders.

On our journey around Iceland, we discovered a lot of visually stunning locations, but what made our hearts warm in the cold weather were the Icelandic horses. It is amazing how animals can adapt to live comfortably in the lad where they originate from. Evolution knows no limits. Those graceful creatures are not just beautiful to watch, they are very smart as well.

A little bit bigger than ponies, the Icelandic horses are covered in coarse fur. This is the only thing that protects them from the freezing blow of the winds. It keeps them warm and protected from the raw climate conditions.

Despite being born and growing in a land that is not heavily populated, those animals are very friendly. Human contact is not unknown to them and they do enjoy it, but you need to consider their wild nature as well. The Icelandic horses seem to reflect all of Iceland's grace and be a reminder that beauty can be found existing in the most distant of places, which challenge the comfort of the modern, busy world.



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