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This North American state is a place of extremes. Glaciers, lakes, mountains - you name it! Alaska has it all. It is a great place to explore nature and reconnect with it. Known not only for the picturesque landscapes and the diverse wildlife, this state is interesting in every aspect. The culture of Alaska can be described as unique. Every time you visit, you'll discover something new about this place. It simply doesn't fail to impress. 

Looking at the temperatures makes it difficult to comprehend how life on the state is so diverse - from -30°C to -40°C, during the months of November to March Alaska turns into a frozen kingdom. The Northern Lights grace the sky above Fairbanks for over 243 days per year. Its capital, Juneau, cannot be accessed via road, making it the only capital in the United States that can be reached only by plane or boat. A freezing, yet stunning land, Alaska constantly evolves from a cultural, economic and environmental point of view and it is a place that should be on your radar.

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