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A trip to Korolevu Island, Fiji - ORIGIN Magazine

This is the story of the way Korolevu Islands have been formed and reshaped over time

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Prem Kurumpanai

05 March 2019

If you arrive at Korolevu Island, you will see Fiji perhaps at what can be considered its best. The scenery is breathtaking. If you arrive at sunrise or sunset, the nature seems untouched by people and it will make you feel as if you have lost yourself in some kind of Earth’s hidden paradise.

Korolevu is one of Fiji’s 300 islands. The archipelago is famous for its islands. Most of them have been formed due to volcanic eruptions when nature has shown its raging power. The movements of the land have formed multiple little pieces of land, which are now some of the most adored islands in the world. Now, nature is gentler to Fiji than it has been in the past. The history of the formation of the islands serves to prove that sometimes destruction can create beauty.

The island of Korolevu is one of the most loved destination in Fiji. Tourism there has been existing for decades now. The former Korolevu Beach Hotel was a reason for nomads to visit and explore the islands since the finalising of its construction in 1950’s. In 1983, a hurricane hit the island and deformed the infrastructure so resorts such as Korolevu Beach Resort had to close down. However, it is believed to have been the first resort of its kind in the world and since then Fiji has only raised the bar further in order to impress tourists and locals alike. The island is positioned halfway between Suva and Nadi and consists of 30 hectares of tropical land, so there is enough to explore.

Multiple units, called ‘valevakaviti’ have been built around the islands. They are typical for the archipelago and are an authentic experience, through which tourists can get a little closer to the culture and history of the locals. Valevakaviti literally translates to ‘Fijian-style houses’ and there is a lot of wood involved in the construction process.

There are plenty of things you can do in Korolevu to connect with the energy of Fiji. You can swim all day long, go snorkelling and explore the reefs of the area. The island even has a river named after it. Its close location to nearby islands such as Taveuni Island, makes it a great destination to visit for those nomads who are heading to Fiji. You can map your adventure there and plan your visits to the close by islands as well so you can see as much of the wide side of the archipelago country as you possibly can.

Have you been to Fiji already? Write to us and tell us about what part of the locals’ culture impressed you the most.



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