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NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l A Love Letter to Rio de Janeiro and Brazil
NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l A Love Letter to Rio de Janeiro and Brazil

Colourful mish-mash of emotions, scents and experiences, Rio de Janeiro and Brazil are a kaleidoscope of contradictions. We pay a tribute to Brazil and its capital in a photo guide

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Jonathan Borba, Elizabeth Lies, Emma Dau, Andrii Leon, Milo Miloezger, Autri Taheri, Fernando Rodrigues

16 November 2020

A colourful home of Carnival fun, Rio de Janeiro has long been fascinating travellers from all corners of the world. The beautiful city is capable to entertain, educate and inspire all at once. It is no wonder why the city had turned into a kaleidoscope of contradictions, which only add more layers and enchantment to the place. Locals get on with their daily routines undisturbed by the flocks of tourists wo have travelled far just so they can have a taste of the magic that is Brazil. Busy streets where cars slide fast and kids play football in the alleyways put the multifunctionality of the destination into perspective.

Colourful mish-mash of emotions, scents and experiences, Rio de Janeiro will never stop fascinating. The city is always buzzing, although  its charm remains untacked for decades. Resting between the sea and the tropical mountains, Rio is the perfect escape for travellers who are on a journey searching for enlightenment. The 38m tall statue of Christ the Redeemer guards the city while in the distance Mount Corcovado invites visitors to hike the hills and snap a panoramic picture of what lies beneath. From up high, the city will almost look more dynamic than it feels when you are blending in with the crowds and navigating the busy streets. Board a cable car from the mountain to travel in style and plan an adventure across Brazil in your own fashion.

Famous for the Summer Olympics and especially for the World Cup, Brazil is ever-changing. Visit as often as you can to help the economy but also to learn more about the smaller villages and town that are just as interesting as Rio. Mingle with the locals in the ports and visit the museums; schedule a trip to Ipanema and a day at Copacabana. Whatever your preferences, however you desire to explore the country, Brazil has something for everyone.



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