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Words: The Editors

Photography: Joe Gardner

28 March 2020

We are living through a very interesting time filled with uncertainty. During the COVID19 crisis, NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine’s editors write this unconventional letter to all our readers and nomadic travellers to inspire everyone to stay strong.

It is quite unprecedented to think that the majority of people on the planet are locked in the same situation. Without a doubt these are hard times, yet we can’t help but feel grateful that this ‘silent killer’ does not affect children severely and that our future might look brighter. While it is with a heavy heart to keep count of all the victims of the 2019 pandemic, we are also aware at its ability to bring people together (metaphorically speaking).

We remain grateful for the medics standing at the front lines of defeating the virus and we stand in awe at the inspiring spirit of people, who help others with no expectations of gaining anything in return. While these are difficult times, at NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine we believe in the good more than ever. We can go through this with a better understanding of the life we have been given.

Our editors believe that our planet will take care of us, if we learn to care for it in return.

While 2020 may have started at the crucial point of a global climate crisis; countless of humanitarian, ecological and economic issues; alongside the outbreak of a pandemic, we have also witnessed this to be the age of people helping people. We have high hopes for a future of humanity where we have learned how to take care of each other, of nature and cherish all that our planet has given us.




NOMADSofORIGIN is an independent annual publication with a focus on sustainable travelling and global cultural values. Each issue features interviews, engaging articles and photo guides, which take our nomadic readers through different destinations and introduce them to local people's perspectives.



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