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Discover Hungary and get lost with us on this European adventure

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Kate Kasiutich

02 April 2019


Hungary was declared a people's republic not that long ago - in 1989. From a political point of view, the country has been through some changes. The iron curtain fell that same year. Traces from the Communist regime, however, can still be found across the territory of Hungary.


Locals make sure to remember the past. The Liberty Statue on Gellért Hill was created to honour the soviets who freed Hungary from the Nazis regime, but it was damaged in Hungarian Revolution from 1956. It is a symbol of the sacrifices the nation made in the name of freedom and independence, standing strong while guarding above the Danube. The statue of the man on the bridge, who overlooks the Parliament Buildings is a symbol of the old times and dreams of freedom. This is a time that has been long gone. Today the country is full of ambitious and energetic people, who have a lot to contribute to the world and are ready to leave their mark.

Once they have visited Hungary, tourists already make plans to go back. It is a place that charms, motivates and inspires and it is not hard to see why when roaming down its streets. Hungary is a heart breaker. I know people, who have travelled all over the world and have seen so much yet dream of returning to Hungary.

There is a lot of places to visit in the European country. It is up to you where you want to start from. The open-until-late bars and up-and-coming restaurants are our personal favourite. They are trendy and cool, attracting a lot of attention from locals and tourists alike. Coffee is life in Hungary so experiencing a nicely brewed single served filter shouldn't be a challenge. Numerous trendy coffee shops grace the squares and the street corners. Enjoy a good-quality coffee with freshly baked pastry for a great start of the day and get exploring. Forget your phone, find a good old-fashioned map instead and find your way around. Let yourself get lost around the streets of Hungary and you just might find spots, more interesting than you have ever imagined existed.

Do you have a favourite spot in Hungary? Write to us and tell us all about it. For information about how to reach us, visit the contact page.



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