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We went to Munich in the winter when the city transforms into a place taken out of a holiday postcard

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Josh Rodenn Castillo

21 December  2019


Munich is the home of some the coolest models of cars, the place that celebrates beer, arts and good time more than anything else.

The Bavarian capital has a total of six breweries, producing world-class beer and we witnessed that in December when the streets of the city centre filled up with people, looking for a refreshing drink to keep them warm from the cold weather.

Oktoberfest and the beer - those are probably the two worlds that can summarise Munich best, although this German treasure is about much more than just that. If you pay attention to the architecture and the art preserved over the years, you will notice the details, which are present on the facades of buildings  all around the city. From Dutch influences to designs from the 1960's, Munich knows how to style the traditional.


It is not out of the ordinary to spot animals, such as horses, rabbits and deer, walking around freely as you drive further away from the city. Their well-being is prioritised to ensure that people and nature can co-exist in harmony.

Munich has a larger economy than some smaller countries. It is very diverse in its structure - from people to their perceptions. You can hear many Bavarian dialects being spoken around the city. During celebrations, locals like to involve everybody and on special occasions, tourists can see people wearing the traditional Lederhosen and Dirndl costumes.

There are places around Munich that every tourist needs to pay a visit to during their stay on German soil. One of those places is the BMW museum - a must-stop for the lovers of speed. The newest car models are displayed at the bottom levels and upstairs you can walk around the motorcycles and cars displayed for visitors. Fans of sports will also have a great time in Munich. The famous Olympiaturm with its 291-meter height is a good place to be on a nice and clear day. You can see all of Munich from the top of the tower and appreciate the city's beauty.

Munich, Germany - ORIGIN Magazine



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