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Explore Sopot and how its diverse culture maps out another aspect of Poland's identity

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Marie France Latour

21 January 2019

Walking around is the best way to see as much from Sopot as possible. The city has great beach spots and has its own kind of charm, which, in a way, reminds another European country'. Sopot has a German vibe - the kind that you can feel in the old German towns and the smaller villages. It is peaceful and there are some interesting things to see around.

Santa Maria catamaran can take you on a tour going all the way to the harbour. You can make your way to the Sopot Pier, which is the longest wooden pier in all of Europe, going the distance with a total of 511 meters into the sea. 

If you head to the centre, you will end up at Spa Court, which is the city's main square. It is situated around numerous small streets, which makes for a perfect excuse to wander around town, get lost in its charm and uncover Poland in a way you haven't felt it before. To try the local food, you need to book a reservation in some of the cosy restaurant spots and if you are lucky, you might even be able to enjoy freshly caught and prepared seafood - an ideal meal to accompany your wine and tastes even better if you share it with fun company.

Explore Sopot and write to us about all the cool places you found while wandering around the city.



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