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NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l Discover Canada
NOMADSofORIGIN Magazine l Discover Canada

Canada has a very interesting cultural mosaic, which we traced out of curiosity for the treasures of this mesmerizing country 

Words: Emily Georgieva

Photography: Jasmin Chew

24 July 2019

The culture of the country is diverse, and we have the past to thank for that. Europe, particularly the French and the British help shape the ideologies of Canada. This is true as in the 17th century French settlers in Acadia and the St. Laurence River Valley together with the British from New France and the Scottish in Newfoundland settled down, developing their future and raising their children in the territory of the country. Today Canada offers so much to the world. It is a liberal country, celebrating equality and acceptance.

The European colonies in the past have shaped a huge part of the country's future. Emigrants from many lands headed that way - from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia people travelled to the Canadian borders to find a new home. Their traces have shaped the country culturally and brought a sense of multiculturalism with them, which is how we define Canada today.

Sharing its borders with three oceans, Canada has a hold of very many amazing views. Travellers usually head in this direction to look for peace and some time away from the busy life in the bigger cities. The nature is stunning. Canada has a reputation of a land of adventures. 

The second biggest country after Russia has a lot of surprises and holds many records.The sky-high mountains make a great hiking landscape. You can walk around the forests to enjoy nature at its wildest for hours or head to the Prince Edward Island to catch some sun instead and bury your feet in pink sand. There is so much to see, wherever you look. Glaciers grace the landscapes; the Niagara Falls in Ontario are a stunning view and the Cabot trial in Nova Scotia is a must.

It is easy to feel at one with nature, because it is as if Canada exists for this reason. Visitors follow the example of locals and go kayaking in the South Nahanni River and surfing in Nova Scotia. Big writers, directors, poets, artists and adventurers visit Canada to make it timeless in their work, to write about it, film it and tell the whole world about it. You can't go wrong following their example.

The food scene is refreshing. Canadians love some fresh seafood and wildly caught salmon. The golden fries with gravy and cheese are iconic, but for those of you who like seafood, you need to try the lobster as it is a delicacy. Combine fresh vegetables and fruits with award winning wines for a sensational cuisine experience and Canada just might turn out to be your new favourite place.

Festivals are broadly celebrated. There are various events, going around the country each year. Of course, there is the Film Festival in Toronto, which is world-wide famous, and then there is the Jazz Festival in Montreal for the lovers of music. If you want to experience the local culture walking the paths that history paved, book tickets for the Canadian museums and make sure to visit the Ottawa's National Gallery.

Many backpackers book their flights to Canada in hope to explore it all, but the truth is Canada always has something up its sleeve and no matter how many times you go back, it will still surprise you pleasantly. From the picturesque cities to the small villages and the peaceful away-from-the-crows spots, find your own way around the country and experience all its natural wonders.



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